Block Work + Thankful Thursday

Hey all! I really loved your comments from yesterday-it was fun to see the diversity of ideas of what is appropriate, rude, or not when coming late to a fitness class. Check out the comments from the post-you might learn a thing or two from all you amazing people out there!

I saw on FB yesterday that Baskin Robbins was giving away scoops for 31 cents last night! I was ALL over that.


Right after teaching BodyPUMP last night, I headed over there to pick up my dinner. Er, I mean ice cream.

3 scoops of deliciousness

Apparently I am on a “let’s get things for cheap or free” kick πŸ˜‰

nutty coconut + made with Snickers + pralines & caramel


I was told to clean my "dinner" plate. SO I did! :)


It was my dinner, folks. Ya know, dairy + carbs + protein + fat πŸ˜‰

As you prob know, I do try to eat mainly really healthy and clean, but I will not pass up a good price for tasty ice cream.Β In the month of May I shall, however (more to come on a personal challenge later!).

Besides, I am all about eating indulgent food once in awhile, especially in the form of fro yo or ice cream! I loved every lick and bite… stomach acted up a bit afterwards, which is okay by me–I don’t normally do this to my body, so it kinda freaked out a bit. It was gone by the time I climbed into bed! My muscles were working to pull allllll that Calcium and protein out so the ache went away πŸ˜‰

After “dinner,” I got my clothes all set for today’s a.m.’s workout : BLOCK work.


As you might know I am training for a triathlon again.

triathlon start in Oct '09

I do not know which one yet, but I have decided I might as well get my booty in gear! Enter my a.m. hodgepodge workout I like to call “block work.”

  • 3.4 miles doing stairs (love!!)
  • 2.6 mile quick run (6.8 mph)
  • 1 mile swim

It took me about 1.4 hours. And it felt awesome. I was definitely tired by the end of the swim, though–so I hit up the sauna for a few minutes. It was incredible-I <3 saunas, they almost = spa time!

I like triathlons and “block” work because it keeps boredom away, the minutes fly by, and it is really challenging. I like challenges, (healthy) competition with myself, and pushing my limits. These type of workouts are my favorite! As much fun as it is to mindlessly pedal away on the elliptical, or hammer out 5 miles on a treadmill at a steady pace, shorter blocks of work help me keep my focus. All in all it was an awesomesauce workout!!

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful for my goggles that keep the water out of my eyes!
  • I am grateful for practically free ice cream.
  • I am so so grateful for my comfy pillow. Seriously-get a new pillow if yours blows. Totally worth it.

Have a LOVELY day! It is gorgeous and sunny here!!

Have YOU ever tried block work? Ever eaten ice cream FOR dinner?? What are YOU thankful for today?

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  1. You really can’t beat .31 cent ice cream! I’d eat it for dinner too–except I didnt know about the deal. Dang it.

  2. I wish I had a B&R around me – I would have been ALL over that deal.. ice cream for dinner sounds fabulous!

  3. That is awesome that you are training for a triathlon. I’ve been thinking about doing one as well mainly because I love all three activities. I’m thankful that Friday is tomorrow and that my sister had a great 21st birthday yesterday.

  4. OoOo I’m excited to hear about the personal challenge you’ve got going on it may!

    I can’t say I’ve had ice cream for dinner BUT I’ve eaten enough ice cream as dessert to classify as dinner, does that count? πŸ˜‰

    I’m so thankful for my CROCKPOT! It makes me so proud!

  5. Dinner of champions right there!! Bet it tasted even more amaqzing after BodyPump, too.


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