Never Too Late

Hey, hey. How is it going? If you missed it, check out my tips about the stairmill from yesterday. Some awesome action going on there, I promise.

Last night was awesomesauce-I surprised my husband with FREE pretzels! Yep yesterday (April 26–write this down!) was National Pretzel Day. Who knew? As a celebration, our local mall’s PretzelMaker shops gave away free pretzels. SCORE.

hot, doughy pretzels are inside!

I love salty, soft pretzels.

mmmmm SALT--could have had more salt though!

Even though my BP prob went up by 20 (both diastolic and systolic, I might add πŸ˜‰ ), it hit the spot!

So afterwards I stayed up wayyyyy late finishing that book I mentioned, “Cutting For Stone.” It was really fascinating. It was really long, and the beginning was kind of boring, but at about 200ish pages in (it is 540 pages long) it started to pick up and got really interesting.


It is a novel full of regrets, passion, love, faith, forgiveness, family, war, Africa, and medicine. If you can’t handle medical terms or details about the body, this book is probably not for you: it was written by a doctor who now teaches at Stanford, after all. But it really was captivating (and at some points, shocking!)the way the author told the story-totally worth the read!

I was enthralled with the final chapters and couldn’t put it down….so I kept reading until I was done, at 11:37 p.m! I am a book worm! This is SO late for me, people! My husband fell asleep before I did-this NEVER happens. I am the sleepyhead in our marriage :)

You can only imagine why I slept in, and why I was 8 minutes late to yoga class….

I still went, though. I don’t think it is that rude to walk into an exercise class under 10-15 minutes late. Being an instructor, I love having tons of people in my classes, so stuff the room, I say! Who cares if they are slightly late-it is their loss anyways.

As you can see, I didn’t think it was rude, really. Everyone was in downdog anyways πŸ˜‰


I enjoyed a really great stretch, especially through my glutes and hamstrings-they were SO tight and sore from teaching yesterday’s BodyPUMP class!

I then hit up a Zumba class and shook my booty and danced my heart out :) Such a great way to start off a day that began a little, er, um….a lot late πŸ˜‰

But in my eyes, it is never too late to join in a fitness class, get in a good stretch, or work your way to a fitter, leaner body. It is all about enjoying it all. Even if you’re a little late πŸ˜‰

Had my breakfast.

oats+soymilk+AB+applesauce+granola ontop

Enjoyed my Easter flowers!!!!

pretty in pink ;)

Now on to tackle my enormous to-do list. Ready, set GO!!! :)

What do YOU think-is it okay to walk in late to an exercise class? Are YOU a sleepyhead?

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  1. I knew! I knew! I know my food holidays haha. Today is national prime rib day.

  2. I’m a little bummed I missed pretzel day – but maybe it’ll just inspire me to make whole wheat ones instead!

    I hate being late to things, but I agree, it is better to go late then not go at all! My biggest panic is when I’m running late for a new class/studio – I would hate to get there and find out that they aren’t letting latecomers in!

  3. Caroline says:

    I hate getting to classes late because then I get one of the awkward spots like in the waaaaaaay back or right in front of the teacher.

    I was in a kettlebell class and a lady walked in a 1/2 late and then teacher said they couldn’t come in. I think anything past 10 minutes is rude.

    I am glad you liked cutting for stone. I am still curious to know your final thoughts on the twins.

  4. It depends on the class and h*how* the person comes in late. If someone were to come into my yoga class late, slam their mat on the ground and overall make a lot of noise..then yes it’d be incredibly rude. But they could make the same amount of noise coming into a dance class a bit late and it wouldn’t be a big deal, you know? So it’s really a case to case thing. Glad you didn’t get upset, though!

  5. I can get so caught up in books too.. then before I know it… it is super late.. and I am going to be doomed the next day.. super tired! Reading can help make me sleepy.. but if I am reading a good book, I am not going to want to put it down!

  6. Would you believe I’ve NEVER had a soft pretzal?? What is wrong with this world??? πŸ˜‰

    I personally am not OK with being late EVER…In fact I am usually at least 30 minutes early for EVERYTHING…That being said, most of my friends are late arrivals and I have no issue with that…As long as I am on time, I am OK πŸ˜‰

  7. I think to graduate to a true foodie I’ll have to brush up on my National food days! I’m bummed I missed Pretzel day! I’m a fan of the salted Almond with caramel dipping sauce…sweet and salty! YUM!

    I think it would be rude if you walked in late to say, a yoga class because it’s more disturbing to those meditating. But if it’s a high energy one…naaah…not that bad!



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