Stair Mix Up

Hey hey! Having a lovely day so far? I sure am. Totally CR-a-ZaY with to-do’s and such, but it has been fab (nevermind the rude checker at the grocery store….I wished her a lovely day as she practically threw my receipt at me. I sincerely hope her day gets better!)

But in all honesty, after any sweatastic workout, I feel like I can accomplish anything–even conquering my pile of laundry or to-do list with a go-go attitude…..but definitely not the world. No. Not yet 😉 So, today has been just that : conquer one thing after another

easy eatin' for driving!

with snacks to hold me over, of course.


And with a huge smile on my face. I am a Master after all :)

By the way, I had some grub earlier (during) teaching BodyPUMP and afterwards (to finish it off).

mmmm pour it in

Yep, you guessed it-the Green Monster Smoothie!

in my bottle for easy eatin!

water+ice+spinach+choc protein powder+strabs+lite soymilk

Okay, now on to some exciting discussion!


So this a.m., I did my cardio workout before I taught in an incredibly hard BodyPUMP class (why was this morning’s class so dang hard??! ….hhmmm maybe b/c I have not done any major weights work since Wednesday night when I last taught BP??? Yikes :()

What did I do, you ask? I stepped onto my trusty stairmill and StEpPeD and ClImBeD AwAy!!


I LOVE the stair mill. Like with a passion. I get frustrated if “my” special stairmill (there are 2 of them at my gym) is/are taken. There are 8 or 9 other stairmills, but I love this one (and its pair). I am not sure why? I think it is the angle of the display? Or the way the handlebars are shaped (for LIGHT holding on)? Not sure.

I also love to read while stepping away. Today I got some sweat drops into my book. Sad DAY! :(

I alternate between speeds and programs (i.e. fat burning, intervals, hills) to get in my intervals (Mix it UP!!), I blast my music, and I totally zone out into my workout.

Depending on the day I will vary the workout between 20 minutes and 65 minutes. I usually do the stairs at least 2-3 times a week. I am telling ya-these stepping babies are amazing.

Here is why:

  • targets the glutes, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles
  • you have to use your abs to stabilize yourself as you walk up the stairs
  • you can not stop, or else you will fall off of it!
  • if you do NOT HANG on the bars, you will burn some major calories
  • it is fun!
  • you can read if you’re talented—like moi 😉 (kidding, kidding–it is not THAT hard to read and walk up stairs simultaneously)
  • your workout ends super quickly because it is so engaging
  • you can USE your arms if you’d like, getting in an extra arm workout

Some tips of what NOT to do:

  • do NOT hang on the bars. If needed, lightly rest hands on the bars to steady yourself
  • do NOT make the machine go so fast that only your legs are doing the work. Go down a level (speed wise) and use your whole body
  • do NOT just step on each stair with the ball of your foot-put the WHOLE foot down (no heels hanging off!)

Obviously I am not perfect, so sometimes I do go up in speed to just work my bottom half for a few intervals, but overall I try and follow these guidelines-as it will help me get a better workout and target all the muscle groups I want to target!

Hope this helps. I am SO glad someone introduced me to the amazingness of the stairmill (I used to be sort of afraid of that thing)! Now it is your turn to tell me your success with that thing–love it or hate it?

Do YOU love the stairmill? If you have not tried it out yet, are YOU going to now? :)

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  1. I looove the stair mill!! Some other things I do to mix it up– are to side step (1-2 minutes facing each directions) and to step every other step.. You heart rate sky rockets on the every other step one – even though you feel like you are doing less work. It take a lot for you body to get you up there.. especially when you DON’T assist with your hands! I will go through a rotation using regular steps, side steps, and skipping steps!

  2. I HATE the stairmill when I’m on it, but LOVE the feeling after!! It’s tough!!

  3. I am a big fan of the stairmill!

    I’ve seen people alternating sideways stepping rather than just normal stepping… does this work your muscles any differently?

    • It does, actually. I like doing that because it really works the outer thighs, the gluteals in a different way, and it changes the scenery a bit 😉



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