SPLASH! + Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday all ya all! And happy commencement-for-my-Masters-degree-Day!! That is right today I hang out with the parents (yah!) then file into our huge conference center on campus for commencement (when the professors, president of the school, and all approx 8,000 graduates file in, in cap and gown to pomp and circumstance.)

at last year's graduation--my husband's

My actual graduation is not until Friday at 11:00 a.m. Ya know, the part when I walk across the stage, smile lots, and shake somebody’s sweaty hands. All because I worked so freakin’ hard for 2.5 years :) (I am sort of kidding–it is an important part of finishing school, I know I know!!–I keep getting chastised from people saying it IS a big deal to do that walking thang. It is. Okay :) )

By the way last night’s dinner was epic. SO good. FUll of great protein (perfect for right after teaching a BodyPUMP class!).SO tasty I licked my fingers at the end😉

whole wheat bread topped with turkey+spinach+1 egg+1 eggwhite+Muenster cheese

I just had to show it to ya!!

okay, SO this morning to start the day off, I SPLASHED right into the pool at my gym. Yep, literally hopped right in and started swimming. I looovvveeed it. I swam about 2-3 miles (somewhere between that). It was awesome :)


I grew up swimming competitively. Seriously. I loved swimming against people. I especially loved the freestyle stroke. Butterfly was second. Breaststroke was third, and backstroke was at fourth place for me. The side stroke is not really a stroke in my book…..

By the way what is with me being competitive? Maybe because I have 9 siblings and MUST be heard if I want my voice? Or I just like winning? Not sure.

I am even competitive in board games and Uno. Seriously? Who does that? ME. That is who.


Being married to a man who could care less if he wins a board game has really alleviated that, though.

I digress. Back to the pool time from today.

I swam lots and lots of laps (about 98 to be exact). I did sprints. I practiced my flip turns again. I did all 4 strokes. I swam my heart out and it felt amazing. Loved it. I seriously love this form of cardio! Then I sat in the sauna….BLISS.

I taught swim lessons as an early college student, and then taught beginning swimming to college students at my university (being a grad student in Exercise Sciences you can teach sports/fitness classes for which you are qualified. And get paid. Score!!) So yes, I know a lot about swimming, the different strokes, position of your body, breathing, etc., but I can always improve!

I am no Michael Phelps ya know. He can SWIM, you guys.


That guy is a fish. And a really good-looking fish too! 😉

I digress again.

What I am saying is this : I love to swim, but I also embrace the fact that I have a lot more to learn–my next trip to the library is def. going to include some swim books! (yes I am a nerd and plan what books I am going to check out next :) )

My swimming excursion has started the day off just totally steller. I am stoked to see my parents in a few minutes!!

….so stoked I ate my breakfast too fast…..

b-fast of champs!

I usually sit and enjoy it, but today I scarfed it b/c I am so excited for the next thing–to see the parentals :)

with my aqua bottle :)

oats+lite soy milk+pinch of protein powder+homemade cashew butter+lots of cinnamon+maple syrup+granola and nuts on top!!

Thankful Thursday

  • I am so grateful I have amazing parents who support me in all I do!
  • I am so grateful I have a strong body that can power me through the water!
  • I am very grateful that I am done with my degree!!!!!

Have a lovely day!!! Be back with a recap of the graduation festivities from the day :)

What about YOU-do you love to swim? If so, what is your favorite stroke?? What are YOU thankful for today?

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  1. I am not a swimmer – but I would really like to start getting in the pool soon! I want to add that to my workouts to mix it up and target completely different muscle groups!
    I am thankful that I had my first training walk today with my teammates for the Susan G. Komen 3-day for a cure.. 60 mile walk in Boston this July. I am a runner – and was worried I would be bored walking. Honestly.. I couldn’t me more wrong. Walking 9 miles through hills and valleys is a tough job! I loved that I was able to carry on conversations through out the entire thing with some lovely ladies as well!

  2. Happy graduation day!! Wahoo wahoo wahoo!

    I am not a swimmer…I don’t remember the last time I swam and I certainly didn’t swim laps….It’s such an awesome exercise for your body thought…Low impact on the joints and everything!

    I was thankful yesterday to be out of the damn car after a 4 hour drive!!

  3. I’ve been swimming a lot lately in training for a tri..but definitely not 3 miles worth. Good for you! I’m trying to improve flip turns. Any suggestions?

  4. Congrats on the accomplishment! I’m totally craving your sandwich right now – the melty cheese sounds awesome!

  5. Happy Graduation!! That’s so exciting! Congrats! Enjoy the moment!

    I am not a swimmer because…I can’t swim. I’m so embarrassed and every year when I’m sitting on the steps in the shallow end watching my friends, I curse the fact I never learned as a child. I have that adult fear instilled in me. Sad.


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