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Hey friends! As you saw, I am such a fan of looking back at accomplishments–glad you had a chance to check mine out, and I loved hearing about all of yours <—check out comments section of that post! We have some hottie racin’ machines on our hands πŸ˜‰

Last night I had a very amazing dinner. SO amazing it only needed half of a bagel thin and a side salad. And it was simple. and fast. And awesomesauce.

love on a plate!

Enter in the best dinner around. Bagel thin + veggie patty + tons of ketchup, side spinach salad. <—-seems like Caitlin thought so too!

I <3 ketchup. I love it. I eat it with a lot of foods. I do try and eat the kind with no high fructose corn syrup, but sometimes if someone gifts you a huge bottle of ketchup, you gotta eat it–even if it has HFCS!

main attractions....

So delish. I practically licked the ketchup off my fingers!

So last night I hosted a book club at my home for some total wellness action (gotta include the mind too!!). Not so great of a turn out (that’s okay, I talk enough for all of us combined anyway), but I heard about some great books and shared some books I’ve been reading recently.

Here they are:

Food Matters



Cutting For Stone

Both are great! I finished Food Matters and thought it was well written, had good points, and brought up a great idea of reducing our carbon footprint by eating less animal products and commercially made food. Brilliant. His best idea was to try and eat foods that have NO labels on them, to cut back on anything processed, and to downsize all animal products (not necessarily stop eating them, if you don’t want to).

I like this idea b/c I try to eat clean, but I do love eating a good piece of chicken, turkey, or a boiled egg! I also like good, sharp cheeses (none from America though. yuck!), honey, and Swiss butter.

Not going to lie, I liked his flexible attitude toward food! Try to eat well, but indulge once in awhile too. So my way. Love.

Cutting For Stone is about two twins who were born at a most unfortunate time in Ethiopia. I am half way done and find it totally fascinating! I will let you know what I think at the end of it.

Fitness wise today — I took 2: Yoga class (loved the pigeon pose!!) +aΒ Zumba class and was a sweaty mess! YAH. Love getting my work out on in da morning :) Well, now I am going to go pick up my cap and gown, and head out for some errands and me-time :)

Enjoy your day friends!

What books have YOU been reading lately? Any good suggestions for me? :)

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  1. Ketchup! I used to be over obsessed with this goodie! I used it on.. well.. everything! I’ve cut back, a lot though! I only splurge with an excessive amount of ketchup on special occasions I guess.

  2. caroline orien says:

    Can I make a book suggestion (Lara also recommends it) called The China Study. Totally makes me rethink my protein sources.

    I really liked Cutting For Stone because the characters are so real. Just wait for the curve ball. I will be interested to hear what you think about the ending.

  3. I read Food Matters and I really enjoyed it. Last book I finished was Pillars of the Earth. I have ready it so many times and it is always good.


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