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Hey, Hey. Glad you all are as excited as me for graduating this week :) Thanks for the congrats, it made me feel special!! I must say, walking across a stage and shaking someone’s hand never sounded sooooo good right now :)

I am currently looking for a full-time job (the market is super saturated in my area–we’re willing to move) so if you hear of anything, let me know, k? p.s. I will do the same for any of you who are looking for jobs (i.e. Caroline :) )

Job titles I am interested/qualified in are: wellness coach, health coach, fitness specialist, group exercise instructor (already doing this part-time), weight loss and weight maintenance instruction, professor of health or fitness classes at a community college, corporate wellness, dance enthusiast (haha), or fitness motivator. Sheesh. Ya think a girl could find something who has such a wide interest in various areas, huh?? :)

Now, I mentioned I was SO excited for dinner last night because it was leftovers….well–

my plate

Repeat!!! And I had half a plate full of veggies, half a plate with carbs + protein. I am such a good girl at dinner :)

My husband on the other hand….

the husband's carniverous plate

Yah. He wants me to let y’all know, he ate THREE pieces of lettuce afterward. So proud of you, honey 😉

Racing Days

I love racing. I love competition against myself. I love winning. I love being competitive. Maybe that is why I have had such a history with ups and downs of weight and the scale (and am now very happy with where I am)??

Whatever it is, this led to doing several races….with several more hopes for the future! (ahem half ironman, several more half-marathons, and maybe Boston. maybe.) I started this website well after all of these races I’ve already done, but I thought it’d be fun to break it down and share with ya some pics and times. Enjoy.

Half Marathon #1 : Salt Lake City. March, 2008 Time- 1:48

right after I crossed the line and PRed!

This was my first-ever race. I did it at my own pace, but I guess I ran sort-of fast (for me, at least). I didn’t think it was very hard (for me), but I was very sore the next day!!

best part--GOT a medal!!

And had major intestinal/GI issues after. You do not even want to know.

um, tired MUCH??

And did I mention I had to drive an hour back to my apt so I could go take a final (for my final semester of my undergrad work)??? YAH. It was an interesting day to say the least!

Marathon #1 : Logan/Top of Utah, October, 2008. Time- 3:59

at the start with some buddies I met. SO cold.

This course was fun, but at mile 21 major hills hit! SO so hard. My best friend, Em, met me towards the end and ran 8 miles with me (she is a Boston marathoner) and told me stories the whole time to keep my mind off the pain. She is dabombdotcom.

at the end...with my MEDAL!

Oh and I had to do a nice stretch (aka my signature move–b/c I am a dancer at heart <3)

let the dancer out, girl!

Half Marathon #2 : Moab, March, 2009. Time-1:50


Yah, I don’t have any pics from this race. WHoops. SO here I am on a horse, right before running the race (ran it 4 or so weeks later). I am a nerd. Anyone have pics of me from this race, maybe?? I promise I did run this race, though. It was sooo pretty, really fun, and totally worth the drive (3+ hours, + a 2 hour plane flight to then go ski for a week–just like recently. What was I thinking?!) I did not PR again, but it was really windy that day…. 😉

Marathon #2 : St. George, October, 2009. Time-4:24

ran the whole thing with my amazing sista!!

I LOVED this race. I ran the entirety of it with my little sis, and we rocked it. We had no time constraints or goals (she wanted to finish under 5, and totally blew THAT out of the water. go her!!). So we went on our merry way.

her husband, sista, me, his brother and mom

We may have cursed a few choice hills that we met. And lied to a few runners–telling and cheering ’em on-sayin’ they were almost done (when in fact we had NO idea how many more miles we had. heheheh. evil of us, I know)

then we hit up vegas

We had to hit up Vegas afterwards (being so evil and all. ha)–I mean it was only another mere 3 hours. No biggie. SUper fun, though. Ate my weight in food at the fabulous buffet place. SO good. Hey-we had just run off over 2,600 calories, so it was no biggie. I was hungry again the next morning. Typical.

Very Sprint Triathlon #1 : Provo, October 2009 (2 weeks after the above marathon!). Time-Bike-29:40, Run-18:15, Swim-4.92

*Note-this was a 3/4 of a sprint triathlon: the bike was like a 10k, the run was aprox. 2.1 K, and the swim was like 850 meters. Can you tell which part I need to improve on?!

being silly before we raced

Yes, I had a black eye. No, my then-friend (now-husband) did not give it to me. Yes a kid crashed into me during a training ride. And no, I did not match my jacket to my eye. Okay, yes, yes I did :)

strike a pose! Yes, we were juuussttt friends then

Two days later we were dating. Four months later we were engaged. Love at first start line. Or under an apple tree-that works too.

ready to GO!!

I beat my husband in the swim split (I did competitive swimming all growing up, so this is by far my fav part of a triathlon), but he KILLED me in the bike, and semi-beat me in the run :)

There ya have it! As I have NO idea where we’ll be living (fingers crossed I actually get a full-time job in my field), I have not signed up for any races yet. I WANT to though! I hope to do another triathlon this summer (an olympic ONE, then a half ironman, and more half-marathons in the Fall).

What think YE of races??

What races have YOU done, if any? Do YOU enjoy races? Any ones coming up I can cheer you on for? :)

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  1. Hahha.. you and your husband’s plates look very similar to how my place looks compared to my bf.. at every meal! Funny how most couples end up having such similar occurences. Good Luck with the job hunt!

  2. caroline orien says:

    running the marathon with you is one of my all time favorite memories. Just so ya know =)

    I love races too! Jason thinks it is crazy we pay to run. But we runners know whats up.

  3. My goodness your amazing! Your hubby’s plate is identical to my hubby’s plate EVERY DAY! At least yours will eat the lettuce 😉

    I’ve got a 5 K coming up next month and a half marathon in September…I am hoping to get a few 10K’s in there too but have no concrete plans as of yet…


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