Swiss Lovin’ + Liftin’ Heavy

Happy SATURDAY and Weekend to you all! How was your Friday night? Did you love checkin’ out my dinners from the week? I know, oh so exciting, right?? Loved your additions in the comments’ section-thanks friends!

So we had a fabulous Friday night yesterday….we ate dinner at Wingers with a bunch of friends who I lived with in Europe! I lived in Austria and Germany for 18 months (06-07) and a few of us got together because one of them is Swiss and is in America visiting with her husband!

I am 2nd from left, next to my Swiss friend, Denise (she is pregnant)

K so I have issues taking pictures in restaurants of my food…..I guess I am still a little shy about it? 😉 (do you guys have that issue too?? or am I just nuts??)

But if you care: I had a veggie burger with ketchup, lettuce, tomato. I ate half the bun (it was enormous and not that great), I had a few chips with salsa, several fries from my husband’s plate (I only eat more than 1 if they are good fries-seriously, only worth it if they are tasty and they were!!), a bunch of popcorn while waiting for people to arrive (earlier), and several sips of yummy lemonade.

I def indulged on this date night out and loved every minute of it! (in case you were wondering if I do ever eat crazy, greasy food). It isn’t often because….I woke up to a stomachache. Boo. lamesauce. (But I guess that is what you get when you try to eat mostly clean foods and then add in some grease once in awhile??)

I am the ONLY one striking a pose?! haha

My stomachache today did not keep me from doing what I do best last night….striking a pose when it is silly time in front of a camera!!

Or maybe my stomachache  is because after a few hours of chatting, we went and got frozen yogurt?? You guessed it- we headed to my favorite place. Check out my creation:

soooo good

Bad lighting, but whatev.

get in mah belly!!

snickerdoodle + vanilla + dulche de leche frozen yogurts + butterscotch chips + toffee bits + caramel sauce

It was SOOOO fun chatting in German all night long. Love that language :) My husband understands a little, but we were sure to switch back and forth between German and English (my Swiss friend’s husband–who is also Swiss–speaks really good English).

Such a LOVELY night out :)

This a.m. I hit the gym for a BodyPUMP class (LOVE) and went heavier than normal on every. single. track. Amazing experience. I love pushing my body and testing my limits!! I try not to do heavier weight on every track when I teach, because I have to make sure I can do every rep as a teacher 😉 but as a member just takin’ a class, I can lift whatever the heck I want :) And I did. And loved the muscle burnin’ feeling!!

Want to see the breakdown? I thought so. haha. You can check my “normal” weight here or here (for release 77)

NOT including the 1-1.5 lb bar:

  • warmup : 25 lb
  • squats : 55 lb
  • chest : 40 lb
  • back : 40 lb <—-this is normal back weight for me, but b/c release 77 is so hard, this is a lot of weight for me!
  • triceps : 30 lb
  • biceps : 25 lb <—-finally!!! MORE than 20 lb!
  • lunges : 40 lb <—–somewhat normal, but b/c of this particular track, a lot for me
  • shoulders : 25 lb

Took a yoga class after to stretch out.

green monster!!

Sipped my protein green monster smoothie concotion during BodyPUMP and into yoga, finished it off at home.

spinach + water + ice + choc protein powder + lite soy milk + strawberries + cinnamon

helps keep me going!!

OKay, now we are off to be with some family of my husband’s that are in town–stoked to see them and their new baby boy!! Family PART-AY time!!!

Have a GREAT weekend y’all!

What did YOU do last night? Have YOU ever lived outside the country in which you currently live?

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  1. I’m the same way when eating something even remotely greasy since the rest of my diet’s so clean. But hey, it’s a good sign- means our body’s not used to junk! 😉

    I’m jealous of your BodyPump session, too. I miss that class so so much!!

  2. Props to you for indulging.. it is always a great things to do.. but I too, never eat greasy foods and always wake up with the stomach ache as well!

  3. Get in mah belly…HAHA I say that all the time! In the fat bastard accent too!

    As for photographing my food in restaurants, I am very self conscious about it but I am getting better every time I go out…At the end of the day, I have a job to do and it builds my confidence every time I snap a good pic!

    I get belly aches when I eat “non clean” food sometimes too…

    I’ve never lived anywhere but here…I don’t ever travel either;) I’m boring! And I can’t speak any other languages either! B-O-R-I-N-G!

  4. Your frozen yogurt looks gooood :)

    great blog, just came across it. Bookmarking it :)

  5. Alicia Baer says:

    I agree! That frozen yogurt looks amazing~! You look amazing to ps!


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