Week’s Worth of Dinners

Happy FRIDAY! And happy TAX day. Glad it is over, no?? We’re fighting (the IRS and me), so my taxes have been extended. I am sure I will end up telling you all the lovely details—-someday. Not now. But love the weekends, no? I sure do! Glad you all loved weighing in on the weight topic….it is definitely an issue we should all be aware of, especially if we’re going to be good role models for younger ladies! (kinda a scary thought, actually!!)

Whew-I am beat. Last night I taught a rockin’ Zumba class.I totally felt the “glow” during and afterwards. I go to bed at night just so much happier. I NEED dance and fitness in my life-it keeps me sane. Anyone else feel like that too?!

This a.m. I subbed for a friend–her Core Cross Training class. I am tellin’ ya-core and Pilates classes sometimes kick my trash. My abs/core are on fiyah!! Took a Zumba class, ate b-fast, and blogged. Weekend TIME, baby!!

SO, I heard/read a comment that some of ya’ll see my breakfast/lunches so often, but not dinners very often. This happens for several reasons:

  1. We don’t always eat a traditional dinner-what with teaching classes and my husband working late some nights…..well, a salad, a pita+turkey, soup, random stuff gets consumed.
  2. I usually blog in the a.m., so dinner is NOT on my mind.
  3. Not going to lie-my husband sometimes just eats hot dogs or frozen pizza and I have a huge salad—nothing too crazy cool. And my husband LOVVVEES his frozen food meals. I sneak veggies to him and eats em’, but he’d rather just chew a few pieces of spinach, instead of having the spinach a part of his meal. Weird, I know. But I still love the guy. Lots.
  4. I guess my dinners in my head aren’t that exciting or pretty—or traditional—-but let’s let you be the judge, shall we??

Lucky you guys!!-I am going to share with you what I ate for dinner this week. Warning–don’t get too excited…. 😉


Salsa/Mexican infused fridge on a plate

Don’t even know what to call this. I roasted/stir-fried veggies in some lime-chipolte sauce + red pepper flakes, added turkey, and plated it with brown rice, salsa, bit of cheese, and sour cream. Add some tortilla chips and it was a MEAL! spicy too :)

not very pretty-but super tasty!!



I have had this salad before—just dump a bunch of spinach, fruit, nuts, and a bit of poppyseed dressing and you’ve got yourself a meal. I am easy to please when it comes to fruits/veggies! Load ‘er up on those high-water-dense foods, I say :)


Just to warn you, non traditional dinner coming up–I taught 2 fitness classes in the evening (BodyPUMP + Pilates), so I had a piece of BB with some Cashew Butter atop an hour or so before I left, and then drank (yes, DRANK) the rest of my dinner during and after classes. can you guess what it was…..??

so good-can't even explain HOW good!

before mixing it up

Green MONSTER smoothie!!

water + ice + lite soy milk on bottom, cinnamon +choc protein powder in middle, cottage cheese + spinach + strawberry on top





really tasty!

This is a veggie patty + muenster cheese + spices + ketchup on an everything bagel thin. Celery on the side.

And remember, the awesomeness of the BB was consumed daily. I swear it is like crack! It has been a week and it is ALMOST gone! Yikes. I must really love this stuff. Guess that means I need to bake again, eh??

Dinner tonight, ps., is out with friends (not sure where yet)– –I will prob get a salad+soup or salad+sandwich combo.

Have a HAPPY Friday!

What did YOU eat this week for dinner? Any suggestions of meals YOU love to end my week right??

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  1. Lindsay says:


    made them last night! AMAZING! didn’t put them in the food processor… just mixed it all together… SO GOOD!! (jonny loved them, too!)

  2. My dinners were a little unusual for me this week because I don’t typically eat a lot of red meat but that seemed to be the theme this week. One thing I really liked this week was meatball subs…always easy and yummy.

  3. All of these dinners look delicious! I especially think Tuesday’s salad looks great. Grapes and strawberries add yummy flavors to anything. I’m excited to try the recipe. Thank you, Annette.


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