The Weight Issue + Thankful Thursday

Glad you all loved the awesome (and healthy!!)Β banana bread goodness :) Promise it makes a great post-workout snack, a fabulous dessert, a great breakfast, and yah….pretty much a perfect food, in my opinion! :) So excited for you all to try it out-it will not disappoint.

Now, as a sort of disclaimer, I want share what in my opinion has become a problem in our society. It has to do with weight and the gaining and losing of weight. The obsession of it. The horrible scale problem. And the ailments of a quick-fix and yo-yo dieting society. I will do so through personal experiences and tips.


You can totally feel free to scroll down to my Thankfulness part of the day if you so desire–this part of the post will be my musings, observations, and personal opinions. Although I am be a sort of expert in this area (working with women almost daily in helping them lose weight, get fit, and get over emotional eating), I am not a doctor. I do have some fun credentials, though (check ’em out if ya wanna!)

Weighty Issue

I have always been intrigued with the human body…call me crazy, but as my dad is a surgeon, I grew up having a slight obsession with the body and how it works. I guess it didn’t help that I was a ballet dancer, gymnast, and in some ways, sports enthusiast! As a dancer, I realized that some of us were bigger, taller, skinnier, larger, rounder, shorter than others. I realized veerrrrryyy quickly (around 12-14yrs) that I was taller than most, and actually had something to call a chest. None of this really bothered me, especially since my shorter friends were all jealous. Lame, I know, but I became really proud of my being tall (still am!! I am 5’8…okay 5’7.3/4<—-still taller than all my sisters….okay except ONE)!

end of Freshman year....indulged in too much "bad" stuff

After growing up and realizing size does not really matter, and not really paying attention to it at all, I entered the college world. As a somewhat naive freshman, I danced at all hours of the day and ate salads (healthy!) with tons of chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc on the side–at all hours of the night (okay up until about midnight…I never was a late-night gal!). Obviously my habits were horrible, and I didn’t feel great either. This was where I started realizing that feeling well (regardless of weight) and eating well were totally and completely related.

I studied nutritional science and exercise science, tried to eat better, I danced still, and then I had a horrible breakup. I plunged my sorrows into control issues and literally ate less than 1,000 calories/day. I was religious about what I ate, how much I exercised, and how often I studied. I had lost my veneration for the body, and instead replaced it with an obsession with food and exercise. Yes, obsession. A healthy idea to eat better (b/c freshman year I did not eat well), transitioned into a very unhealthy obsession and eventual disorder. YIKES.

in 05-wayyy too skinny

desire for improvement in healthy habits ——–> obsession ———-> disorder

This is kind of what I want to touch on. As a society women are bombarded with messages to be skinny, to lose weight, to drop a dress size, to eat soup all day, etc. etc. But all for WHAT?! Is it because we want to look better than someone else? Or because we don’t love ourselves (yet)?

I personally think that the message of losing weight and being tied to a scale is unfortunately winning over the message of eating healthy to FEEL good, lifting weight to LOOK good, and working out to GET fit.

I now work out and eat well because I LIKE the way it makes me feel. I enjoy being fit, getting stronger, and feeding my healthy body the nutrients it needs. And you know what, I have lost some weight and inches, but because I am no longer obsessed with that, it has come naturally, and actually pretty easily too (small steps people!)Β As mentioned before on here, I no longer am tied to a scale, a slave to the treadmill, or obsessed with counting calories.

So, what does this mean for ALL of us? I say we lose the scales, embrace our bodies, feed our bodies what it NEEDS and sometimes what it WANTS (hello Swiss chocolate!!), and live life knowing and believing we have a sacred piece (the body), a holy temple, entrusted to us. Desecrating the body is similar to desecrating a holy sanctuary….think about it, it would be totally frowned upon and looked down upon in every way. Β It would be national news.

Dec, 2010--so much happier at this size/fitness level!

K, I don’t love the scale. I don’t weigh myself very often (because of my past and the obsession it fed), but I know how I feel in my skin and in my clothes, and that is the best measure for me.

By the way, as I have counseled hundreds of women–emotional eaters, food-haters, food-lovers, exercise-haters, and more, I have realized that we are a special people!! Really, we are! (go tell your husbands this!) And magazines, celebrities, models, and the like should not have to tell us we are special just because of our size.

Now, on the other hand, in the name of health, we all have a healthy body weight we feel comfortable at-or where our body settles to, naturally. This is best found by doing things in moderation. Yes, maybe logging what we eat to begin with, watching our intake of certain things, and moving around daily–but, these steps should be small, enjoyable, and come from within (not from an external source MAKING us do it).

For me, once I found out that I and only I wanted to be fit, healthy, and strong for ME, I gave up trying to please others, look like a certain celebrity, or weigh a certain amount as a friend.

That is all I am saying, friends. Give up the crazy fad diets, the quick fixes, the obsession with the scale….it only breeds more anger, frustration, and unhealthy habits. I promise you will be happier if you try things out in moderation, doing it all for YOU and you alone. If you really do want to weigh a certain weight and it is only because YOU want that and no one else is influencing you, then by all means shoot for it. But please, just do it in a healthy and moderate (and sometimes slow) manner.

now! March, 2011

Some tips that have helped me and hundreds I have counseled with the “Weight Issue”!! :

  • eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible <—-you will not gain weight off of 2 lbs of broccoli!!
  • eat often–this helps stabilize hormone levels and boosts the metabolism
  • lift weights at least 2-3 x/ week
  • move around as much as possible + preferably 30-60 minutes of moderate-vigorous activity 5x/week
  • smile LOTS!!!! :)
  • serve
  • reduce sugar intake to natural sources (yogurt, fruit, etc) + small indulgences daily/weekly
  • play with friends and family often
  • reduce animal product intake <—–this varies from person to person (I don’t eat red meat)
  • sleep 7-9 hours every night!!
  • eat breakfast (which includes some whole grain carbs, protein, & good fat)
  • dance in your room….naked. (haha…….okay you don’t have to do it naked, but just SHAKE it once in awhile! to loud music!)
  • get rid of your scale

Try those tips out–promise they are tried, trued, and practiced :)

I hope you all took this with a grain of salt (or a piece of chocolate, that works too! ha!)….I shared with you my VERY personal experiences and feelings, and hope in the comments section you too share what you have learned in your health journey!! I would love to hear what has helped you!

ThankFul Thursday

  • my husband who is my life, love, and heart (so true, sorry to be mushy here!)

wedding day!!

  • my fridge —-> keeps my strawberries cold (yumm!!)
  • my really muscular legs (hello BodyPUMP!!)

What do YOU think about this nation’s (in particular) weight issue obsession? Go AT IT in the comments section!!

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  1. Love those tips and actually use a majority of them in my life! I used to work out to lose weight.. eat less to lose weight..
    I still work out.. BUT I LOVE IT…
    I eat very healthy.. BUT I LOVE THE FOODS.. they make me feel good.. energized, etc!

  2. Great Post! I can so relate. I have had a very drama filled life when it comes to my weight and body. I’ve been to both spectrums of the disordered eating habits. I would restrict and count calories then I would go into these emotional eating binges. I feel like I have finally found a healthy balance in my life. Thanks for putting up this post. It’s an important topic.

  3. I went through the same thing in college. It took me a while to get out of the vicious cycle and start eating and exercise for my health, not to look a certain way.

    I love all your tips! I live by those rules now too!

    I’m not sure how I feel about the nations obsession with weight. I think people focus on it way to much and that women shouldn’t be judged by the size of their jeans. There are still alot of super skinny models and actresses out there setting bad examples. However, I think there are also many fit, healthy women to look up to. Look at J.Lo, she just became People’s Most Beautiful Person, and then there is Beyonce and a handful of other women who have healthy and fit bodies. It depends on which end of the spectrum you focus on I guess. I try to focus on the healthy fit women in the media.

    • I think that is awesome that you live by those rules too. I am a huge fan of being fit, healthy, and strong. Not waiflike and tiny–with eating little to nothing.

      That is NOT a way to live. I don’t want to look back on my life and think, I wasted so much time obsessing over my weight! :)

  4. Thanks for those tips! It’s always helpful to be reminded about small changes that can make big differences. The nation’s obsession with weight is so sad and it really gets in my head sometimes. We are making strides and trying to switch to healthier options at fast food places, making working out look cool with Jillian M, and opting for healthier life choices, but regardless, the media will always focus on plastic surgery, pretty movie starlets, and anything with sex appeal. As a high school teacher, it’s apparent which view is stronger. It’s a struggle for even me to keep my views straight.

  5. Great post Annette! This topic is not discussed enough so kudos!!

    I totally agree…I think too often we are focused on the number/size that society tells us we should be rather than how we actually FEEL. That is a slippery slope…I was just thinking about this today!!

    What am I thankful for today? My big comfy couch, my laptop and The Office!!!

  6. I love this post! You are such a good writer!

    I think America has got into a mess and we are trying to get out of it and it leads us to unhealthy things! If we started out from the get go listening too our bodies when we were little and EVERYONE did that and did not judge or compare than we would be fine! People just need to eat healthy, listen, accept themselves at a HEALTHY weight which is diff for everyone, excersise, and eat some ice cream everyday too :)

    i also really agree with nicole!

    • I just was re-reading some comments, and yours is so true. We are IN A MESS.

      but I am glad you listen to your body too, it makes for a healthier approach!

      Thanks for stopping by, girl :)

  7. Alicia Baer says:

    I believe it also! THere is so much focus on numbers and the scale as opposed to just feeling good. I always tell my clients not to worry about the one cookie that they CHOSE to eat- just next time choose something else and be glad they enjoyed it:) Also if they ate one cookie- it really is a great thing- as long as they don’t get mad at themselves and then eat 15! It really is a mental game of just loving yourself and listening to your body- both the good and the bad things it is telling you!

  8. wow.. your story is SOOOO similar to mine! I have to say i’m almost jealous that you have credentials in es and nutrition! they are truly my passions! i was wondering what you do with your degrees!?!

    • see my post from today–those titles for degrees I could do. Right now not yet full-time employed, just looking! If ya hear of anything, let me know :) Love your malted shakes from today–yumm!!

  9. Alison says:

    Hey Annette!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! Your writing is so honest and inspirational, and as someone who has also struggled with an ED, I can definitely relate. I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I am learning to love myself for who I am and who God created me to be. Thanks so much for writing!

  10. Wow, thank you so much for sharing.
    I feel like I can definitely relate to you.
    I can’t wait to read more.
    I know I can beat this!!
    <3 Haley

    • you CAN beat this. Promise :) Especially because you WANT to. That is the first step in the right direction, girl!

      Thanks for stopping by, Haley!!


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