Cashew Butter Love

Hey! How are you doing?? I am doing great–taught a rockin’ BodyPUMP class today (release 77), and a woman afterwards gave me a very nice compliment….pretty much made my day :) Seriously, go give someone a real, honest compliment today-you could make somebody VERY happy!!

Yesterday I had something happy happen….I made Homemade NUT Butter (again)! I had run out, and had a bunch of salted cashews that were just dyyyyiiinnnggg to be made into cashew butter goodness. Dying, I tell ya.

Or maybe I was dying to have some again? Either way. The butter was made.

To begin, grab your food processor and dump those nuts in!

pour 'em in...

Push GO!! (or the on button, that works too)

whiirrrring away

Be PATIENT (I am really bad at this part)

after 2 minutes

Stop and scrape the sides

4 minutes down!

And if you can’t take it any longer, stop at about minute 7 :)

all done and creamy--about minute 7

I like mine a little thicker, so it is spreadable but not too runny.

Top it on a muffin you have on hand…

Cashew Butter!!

Spread it and TAKE a bite!


SUrpIsE! See the Nutella in there?? I told ya–it makes everything better. Even Cashew Butter. Yep, even cashew butter.

Put the rest away so you don’t eat the entire jar….

in a jar for later ;)

Make sure it is an old jar with the label still on…..I am lazy and did not scrape off that label. Oh well, you can’t do it all. And I like my jammed homemade cashew butter thankyouverymuch.

Devour and eat with everything for the next few weeks!

There, now you have NO excuse NOT to make some yummy homemade nut butter!

Have a great day and enjoy the sun if it is out right now!

Have YOU made homemade nut butter yet? What is YOUR favorite kind of nut butter?

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  1. That looks amazing. I think my favorite nut butter is almond butter…but it’s so hard…they are all so good.

  2. Caroline says:

    oh that looks good!!! Did you add anything else to the cashews?

    Being on the receiving end of a sincere compliment is such a great feeling!

    My favorite nut butter? hmmm… I do love my peanut butter but I also love almond butter… its a tie.

  3. Ohmygosh! That nut butter looks fabulous! I love making homemade nut butters! :-)

  4. You are FANTASTIC!

    I was considering making cashew butter last weekend but never got around to it…I am all out of homemade nut butter and must fix that problem ASAP.

    Don’t you just love the feeling of appreciation that comes with making your own food? I find I feel so much better about my self and what I am putting into my body when I put the time, effort and love into it!

    Thanks again chickee! I might just make peanut cashew chia butter this weekend!


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