Surprise Bite

Hey, Hey~ HAPPY Monday. Love the new week-don’t be a hater 😉 It is nice to embrace the awesomeness of a weekend on Monday, though. Think back to all the fun. And we had a lot of it.

I had my very own ladies‘ day. Check it OUT.

We launched BodyPUMP-release 77 at my gym on Saturday!!! SO fun.

We hung out with Jimmer Fredette.

THE basketball star up close

Yah know. The BYU basketball player who won every single player of the year award.

looking at the target

He can shoot 3-pointers from anywhere and make it. He is GOOD, people. He’ll prob be a 1st pick for the NBA draft. (my husband would be SO proud that I listen to him tell me about all this b-ball stuff.) :)

BYU is my alma mater. And I am proud of Jimmer!! He is also very shy, very humble, and no “super star” personality. But he can SHOOT.

chattin' it up 10 ft away from me-no big deal

And SUGAR RAY. yah know, the BAND. They sing those popular songs : “Someday,” “Fly,” and “Every Morning.”

main singer for Sugar Ray

Mark McGrath, UP close!!

gettin' into the song, you go Mark!

Yep, we went to a free concert that featured Jimmer AND Sugar Ray. Lucky us. We were 12 feet away, too :)

singing his heart out, had to take a break

It was WAY fun. We were smooshed between lots of people, but that’s okay, cause it was hoppin’ and there were fireworks after!!

see 'em on the side??

We had a great night out together :)

it was freeeezzziiinnnggg

We also enjoyed company on Sunday and I served those muffins you saw on Saturday…..


Everything’s better with Nutella on top. Right? RIGHT.


And INSIDE. SUrprIsE BiTe!!

I added a dollop of Nutella to every muffin before I baked ’em. I know, I know. GENIUS :)

Try it–Nutella makes anything healthy, healthier better 😉

It was a good weekend. Chocolate, family, friends, concert, BodyPUMP launch, date with a husband, and I slept TWELVE hours on Saturday night. WOW. Who am I??? Apparently I needed my sleep? 😉 Luckily Sunday is my rest day!

K, well I just taught a BodyPUMP class (release 77 –it was fun!!) and I messed up on the shoulder track counts, whoops. Oh well. They didn’t really know. I hope. haha. It was an awesome workout, nonetheless!

Have a good Monday!

What is YOUR secret to having a great weekend? And what kinds of things have YOU added to muffins??

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  1. I love Mondays because they are never as bad as you fear them to be! Tuesday, on the other hand…lol

  2. Caroline says:

    My newest thing is to add chia seeds to everything!!

    My secret to having a good weekend? Is planning!

  3. WoW your weekend sounded like it was awesome!!! No sports icons or rockstars for me this weekend…

    I can’t remember the last time I had nutella…Hmmm…I must find a way to use it soon!

    My secret to a great weekend: Lots of time with my hubby and lots of time in my kitchen!

    You know me…I always find a way to add fruit (and veggies if possible) into my muffins…Much to my husband’s dismay 😉



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