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Hey, hey! Happy Saturday to you all :) I liked your ideas of how to handle gloomy weather and gloomy moods–PJs seem to be a trend for us all :) Glad I am not the only one out there who LIVES to live in her PJs 😉

I did some of the things yesterday that I had mentioned help me get over gloomy moods and gloomy weather….


Oh YES I did! Total chick flick time for moi. Total awesomeness in a movie. Totally hilarious. I highly recommend this movie if you want a good, funny, chick flick. It is kinda dumb and over the top, but isn’t that what chick flicks are all about?? :)

whole wheat banana bread in da house!!

I baked. I said I would-and it is SO delicious. And healthy too. By the way I hate bananas, but I love banana bread. I am weird, I know. But at least I’m okay with that 😉 Uhhhhh, and weird how in the above picture there is one missing?? Um, I have NO idea where that went 😉 My husband prob ate it…..hehehe. this is awkward. anyways…


Whole Wheat Flax Seed High Protein Banana Bread. WhaBAM. That’s what this bread is called. I don’t mess around in the kitchen. Just throw it all in there and call it good. No oil, less sugar than called for, lots of applesauce, very ripe (frozen) bananas, ground flaxseed, and protein powder.

I don’t follow recipes. Have I mentioned that? I get IDEAS from recipes and recipe books, and then I do my own thang. thankyouverymuch :)

It was SUCH good bread I had to have it for b-fast before heading out to teach BodyPUMP.


with some homemade almond butter atop, of course!

for after the sweat fest

And ANOTHER piece after I taught the newest BodyPUMP release.

It was a hoppin’ place at the gym today. It is ALWAYS a partAY when we release the newest BodyPUMP release, and oday at our gym we released 77. And it is freakin’ hard, friends. I was a. hot. hot. mess.

release 77- source

This release focuses on total muscle exhaustion. Pushing your limits. Building strength endurance. And hitting every major muscle group to FATIGUE. It is really all about fatigue in the muscles if you want to be stronger, fitter, and more toned. Also, as a side note, if you  (or anyone else) want to lose weight in a healthful manner (or handle weight fluctuations better), working muscles to fatigue and overloading the muscles, as is done in BodyPUMP, is THE best way to do so. Promise. You will shed unwanted fat and build muscle all at the same time. To learn more about it, read THIS.

If you’re curious, my weight selection for this release is the following (to see my weight selection for release 76, go here):

–this is my current weight selection for BodyPUMP 77, NOT including the bar weight of about 1.5-2 lb)–

  • Warmup: 20 lb
  • Squat: 50 lb
  • Chest: 35 lb
  • Back: 35 lb <—this track has a new power move which means keeping chest weight to start, and working back up to back weight
  • Triceps: 25 lb
  • Biceps: 20 lb
  • Lunges: 45 lb
  • Shoulders: 25 lb

**For the abs track I use a large 10 lb plate for the crunches, and my body weight for the planks.

I am excited about teaching release 77 because it works the body in a whole new way! I feel done by the end of the class-and that is exactly what the muscles need—go all the way with em’ (to YOUR potential) of fatigue. By the way, we ARE stronger than we think 😉 Promise.

Some things to think about for release 77:

  1. In this release, make sure to use your abdominal muscles in the new power press lift (back track). It is vital to keeping good form and not hurting your joints or lower back.
  2. For the lunge track, make sure to load the bar to chest or back weight (not squat weight), as your legs will already be tired after completing the lunge section. Your legs will be shhhaaakkking, don’t worry 😉
  3. Keep your abdominals tight and engaged the entire class-this will help keep you in good form and protect all joints from injury.
  4. Try to do every rep, but if needed, go down in weight. Never sacrifice form for weight on a bar.
  5. With this release there are a lot of slow counts, USE the slow counts and don’t rush the music. Did ya know that slower movements make the muscles work HARDER than just 1 count singles? It is because slow counts force the muscles to stay under tension longer, causing the muscles to WORK instead of using momentum to move (which is easier–the body wants easier, the mind knows better however. Mind over muscle). Cool, eh??

Have fun with your next BodyPUMP class— If you’ve already been doing 77, I am curious to know what you think about it!?

I drank some of my green monster smoothie throughout the class (and into the yoga class I took after), but I had a little left-so I made sure to snap a photo

green monster smoothie!

lite soy milk + water + ice + spinach + cottage cheese + protein powder + a strawberry + cinnamon

drink er’ up

yumm yumm

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

If you have tried release 77, what do YOU love about it, and BodyPUMP in general?? Do YOU follow recipes??

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  1. AAh! That banana bread- wish you’d jotted down the recipe and posted it so thatrecipe-followers like me might have a shot at that awesomeness!

    First time at your blog, and loving it! :)

  2. I am so bad at following recipes. I am trying to get better but I swear I have some internal resistance to it.

  3. Caroline says:

    Good pick on the chick flick! Such a funny movie.
    Your banana muffins look heavenly. I don’t usually follow recipes exactly except when I am making food from another country that I’ve never made before. For example, when I made Indian food, I will follow the recipe.

    You squat 50 lbs?! You are a machine! I can squat like 20 lbs and I am dying.

  4. Still haven’t tried bodypump…But I DID go on my first short run today!! It wasn’t as awful as I was expecting (given that I haven’t ran outside in a LONG time)…

    I follow a recipe ONCE and then I make it my own every other time I make it (recipe free).

  5. Hey! I just found your blog and am loving it! :) I also LOVE body pump.. I actually just got back from it! :) I like 77.. I like the abs song this week! :)


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