Gloomy Weather

Happy Friday! Anyone have awesome weekend plans? We hope to-but the weather is not cooperating. Boo. Major rainstorms + snow.

rain, rain (source)

WHHHaaattt??? Spring has not really arrived around here.… I guess gloomy weather calls for PJ’s, a good book, and a chic flick.right? RIGHT.

Which chick flick….hmmmm…. 17 Again?? 27 Dresses? Legally Blonde. I am not sure yet 😉

source--great movie!!

After teaching a bazillion classes this week and having a sort of hard week personally (and I slept like crapola last night!!), I am SO going to take advantage of this gloomy weather. I am usually very upbeat but I took a major beating this week. :( Lamesauce, I know. I am trying to keep my chin up, though!! Hope you all have a happy Friday-and that your day isn’t as gloomy as mine!

By the way, Zumba always cheers me up, so today I felt much better for an hour or so :) –love that workout, for sure!!

Have a rockin’ Friday!! Tomorrow we launch the newest BodyPUMP release (release 77) and I am STOKED beyond reason. Can’t wait to teach those killer tracks. It is going to kick my tush tomorrow! Yipppeee :) I am all for muscle fatigue, baby. Bring it!

Release 77 BABY (source)

I am off to bake Banana Bread (that always makes you feel better too, right??) and nap and watch a chick flick. Plus teach a BodyPUMP class later today.

Have a good one, friends!

What do YOU do when you’re feeling down or the weather is gloomy??

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  1. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm! I recently added you to my Google reader–have you considered making your full post show up in reader? It makes blog reading sooo much easier because I don’t have to click out, but I realize some people don’t like to do that. Just thought I’d ask!

  2. Caroline says:

    It is amazing how much the weather can affect or moods, for better or for worse.
    If the weather is gloomy, I like to drink hot chocolate and watch a movie or read a good book.

  3. Where I come from, it tends to be gloomy from November to April….so I just live my life….On the extra gloomy days I curl up on my couch in my jammies and don’t move until it’s time to relocate to my bed!



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