Award Winning + Thankful Thursday


Yahhhh! I won a blogger award :) Award winning talent, I tell you. haha. I just write about what I love and the fun workouts and eats I enjoy-it is fun for me, and I’m so glad you all stop by!

And thanks to the lovely KATIE for sharing the award with me! Thanks girlfriend :)

Now, this award does come with some rules…

1 – Thank and link back to the one who awarded you
2 – Share 7 things about yourself
3 – Pass the award on to some awesome blogs
4 – Contact said bloggers and let them know they are awesome

7 Things about ME:

1. I love to workout FIRST thing in the morning. I get all nice and schhhweaaaty, then hit the shower and breakfast. It works for me people. I love that wake-up burst of energy. Like a lot.

2. I married my husband on April 30, 2010, only after meeting him on September 20, 2009! That is only like 7 months! But when it is truly right, sometimes you just KNOW. And fast. :) Best decision I ever made was to marry my sweetheart!

wedding day- April 30,2010

3. I gave up all desserts and sugar for an entire year. It actually wasn’t very hard (the first 2 weeks were KILLER). You get used to it. However, now I enjoy desserts in moderation. If I want to cut back, I eat less sugary foods. Simple as that!

4. I am very, very, very terrible at MarioKart. I lose every time. Not even joking here.

5. I got into a bike accident while training for a triathlon. A kid was coming down the mountain I was riding up (on my bike), and crashed into me head first. He was going too fast, swerved to avoid some other people and crashed right into me. I had a huge black eye and was quite sore :(

black eye, Oct 2009

6. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Michelle Kwan. What can I say, I have a wide variety of interests 😉

7. I am a swimmer, dancer, & runner, but I don’t love cycling. Maybe it is the uncomfortable seats? Or maybe it is b/c me and my sister would hit up the 545 am class at the gym….and I dreaded it every time we went? Whatever it is, I need to get over it! My husband is an amazing mountain biker and I want to compete in many more triathlons….so this is a pRoBlEm people!!

Some awesome BLOGS to check out—and I give this award to…..

Thanks again Katie!!

Thankful Thursday:

  • I am thankful for my awesome and comfy pillow!
  • I am grateful for inspired people in my life
  • I am very thankful for my fabulous washer and dryer.
  • I am also thankful for my legs that take me many many miles.

What are YOU thankful for today?? Go check out said blogs, they’ll make you smile– and enjoy your day, friends!

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  1. oh my gosh were you the most beautiful bride or WHAT!? and i love your colorful bouquet!

    also, thanks so much for including me. :) you made me smile!

  2. p.s. i loooove harry potter, too. i kind of want to be a student at hogwarts.

  3. Oh my GOSH! You are so gorgeous! I found you over at Julie’s! You were such a pretty bride! Your husbands cute too! ahaha I totally agree that You just know when its right! I am so darn happy I found your blog girl! :)\

    Oh and moderation is key with desserts!!

  4. Thanks for passing this along! I did it a few months ago, but you are so sweet to think of me.

    Yay for almost your first anniversary!

  5. THANKS!!for passing this on. I really appreciate it. I am the same way with Mario Kart and really any video game. I am awful. My boyfriend always wants me to play with him…but really whats the point…I am going to lose with in seconds.;)

  6. When it’s right, it’s right. You found love babydoll! Everything else is just a sentence in your fairytale we call life!

    Haha mario cart rocks! Jeff kills me every time but it’s sure fun!

    That black eye made me wince….Yowzers that must have been terribly painful!

    I am thankful for the awesome inspirations my fellow bloggers such as yourself pour out to me on a daily basis! Happy Thursday chickee!

  7. WOW thank you SO MUCH again, Annette! I feel so special, I’m glad you love my blog so much :)
    I am thankful that I get to travel around New Zealand today!

  8. Caroline says:

    I am thankful for the best sisters in the world! And for spring weather, I LOVE spring!



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