F.I.T.T. Principle

Hey guys! How is the day going so far? Mine has been super peachy–just some elliptical interval work + a rockin’ Zumba class that I attended. I had a lot of fun this morning :) Zumba is a great way to feel awesome, love dancing, and get your groove on :)

Not very surprising, but all the same–super cool, tons of people have lost weight dancing in Zumba (including me). And, if you don’t have a Zumba class near you, you can always enjoy it in the comfort of your home!!! I love the Zumba set, and that is why I have featured it on the website sidebar —–> check it out if ya’ll are interested!

My breakfast was almost as awesome as the Zumba class:

I love me some oatmeal!

Oats + lite almond milk + Go Lean Crunch on top + homemade chocolate almond butter (the other kind that is obviously NOT gone yet)

SO delicious

crunch crunch crunch

loved the smoothy richness + the crunch factor. Perfection in a bowl, friends.

SO on to the F.I.T.T. Principle topic for today. What does F.I.T.T mean anyways?? It is an acronym for the top 4 fitness principles to remember when designing or executing a fitness regimen or workout.

  • F: Frequency
  • I: Intensity
  • T: Type
  • T: Time

Let’s break er’ down shall we?

but first, oh HEY :)

why hello

I digress- just wanted to say hello to all you awesome people out there!

  • Frequency

Frequency means how often we engage in the exercise or workout. Frequency is one of the most important principles, as it can determine whether we have a higher or lower probability of suffering from a chronic disease. Research has shown that although the health recommendation is to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, those minutes spread out throughout the week are BEST, as it has been shown to decrease the chance of mortality and morbidity.


It just means: spread out the minutes of exercise throughout the week. Take enough rest to let the body heal, but engage in enough exercise so the body can make adaptations. Pretty much, no exercise BINGEing sessions!

Best frequency for cardiovascular exercise : 3-5 sessions / week

Best frequency for resistance exercise (weight training) : 2-4 sessions/ week

  • Intensity

Intensity means the amount of effort that should be invested in a particular exercise or workout. How hard we work! There has to be a balance between working the body intensely enough to allow for the body to achieve adaptations (and get stronger, fitter, sexier, etc.), with allowing the body adequate rest and not pushing the limits beyond its capacity. (This was a problem for me as I suffered from disordered eating and overexercising. not fun. not fun at all!!)


Cardiovascular exercise:  measure HR maximums to determine where the 75-90% intensity is best. Take 220- your age. That number equals the approximate maximum heart rate (maxHR). To work at a high intensity, take .75-.90 x maxHR.  Moderate exercise would be 45%-65% of heart rate max (or .45-.65 x maxHR).

Resistance exercise : workload is the main measure of intensity….so number of reps, amount of weight lifted, number of sets, etc. This is VERY different for each individual!!

  • Type

Type is whatever exercise or workout YOU want to do, and LIKE to do! It is SO important that we engage in workouts and exercise that is not only happy and healthy for our bodies, but that it is something we genuinely like to do! I love to dance (cardio), so doing Zumba often, works REALLY well for me. It is motivating, fun, and gets my heart rate up nice and high!

As for resistance training, I obviously love BodyPUMP.


This class also gets my muscles working hard. I literally push my muscles to their limits (but not beyond), and thus, muscle adaptations or changes take place. I am fitter, stronger, and healthier than I was just 5 months ago. All because of incorporating a very hard, intense, and awesome BodyPUMP regimen into my lifestyle. And I LOVE IIITTTTT!!! :) (yep, I realize I am a nerd. It’s all good-I’ve come to terms with that too :) )

  • Time

Time is a very important consideration, as the body needs “time” to adapt, but too much of a good thing can be a very, very bad thing!! It vital that our bodies get exercise (um, hello chronic disease and obesity crisis!), but it is also vital that we don’t go overboard.

For cardiovascular exercise, it is best to get at least 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. This could be a walk, ellipticizing, light swimming, or a light jog. It is not recommended to go above 60 minutes unless that person is highly trained, seeking to lose weight in a healthy manner, or training for an event. If we’re going to do cardio exercise above 60 minutes (which is not a bad thing), make sure to take/consume plenty of water and good carbs.


For resistance training, it is best to get at least 20-30 minutes 2-3/week. This allows for adequate time to work all the major muscle groups, and to allow for a day of rest in between sessions.

I hope this helps! Remember F.I.T.T when designing any exercise or workout program. And HAVE FUN!! Exercise is fabulous and can be a great endorphin boost, lots of fun, and really exhilarating!

Which part of the F.I.T.T. principle really stuck out to YOU?? What are some goals in regards to F.I.T.T that YOU have??

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  1. Great blog! Just started reading and I really enjoy your style!

  2. Hey babe! Great post!

    For me, FREQUENCY rings true to me…It’s something I am working on…I love working out by I am terribly sore sometimes because I overdo it..So I am learning to give my body well deserved rest…AND I switch it up so I am not doing intense cardio all the time. Yoga and pilates are great alternatives that provide different benefits for my body…

    Also, TYPE. I am ITCHING to run outside so I am starting to get bored of my DVDs. As soon as I hit the road it’s going to be on like donkey kong! I love when I start a new workout…It’s so fresh and exciting! When I feel OBLIGATED to workout then typically the workout sucks. Loving the workout makes all the difference in the world!

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