Living in the Moment

Hey, hey! Glad you all had awesome opinions on my thoughts yesterday :) I just want to follow up and make sure ya’ll understand that I definitely don’t just “save” indulgences for the weekend or that I deny myself any sweets or indulgences during the week! I definitely am a living in the moment kind of person!! That would be horrible if I denied myself (and I lived through that painful experience as I suffered from disordered eating)!!

I guess I didn’t make it clear, but I DO love some chocolate during the week (and eat it often), I don’t always eat perfect during the week, and that I definitely eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it! I just have noticed that I usually eat more indulgent foods on the weekends. It is a pattern I have seen, but definitely I do not consciously save foods “for the weekend.” Just thought I’d clear some of that up—so you know that I love sweets, chocolate, etc. and do eat those when I want some! Of course all in moderation :) Often there is a special occasion almost daily in my eyes (haha. loved Caroline’s comment!!) and I roll with it 😉 I eat for enjoyment and pleasure, but also to fuel my healthy body–so I try not to overdo it (because I will feel awful as I teach fitness classes the next day!!)

Look, I put on makeup! 😉

I got dressed!

As I am currently seeking a full-time job– mostly from the Internet and comfort of my home–(and currently have two very part-time jobs where I am either working from home in PJs or wearing fitness clothes), I don’t always get dressed or put on makeup daily……don’t judge. It is the cool thing to do :) So yes, I wear more than my PJs and fitness clothes. Once a week. tops. jealous?? I actually like getting dressed nice, but it has been fun to not HAVE to do it. haha.

So I had a revelation today while teaching BodyPUMP. First of all it was major killer. My body was shhhhaaakkkiinnng at the end of each track! (p.s. If you want an explanation of what BodyPUMP is and why it is all the rave, just click HERE).


As I was teaching and having fun, I started to think ahead of myself (to prep what I am going to say), and the moves started to feel HARDER as I thought AHEAD of what I was doing.

Revelation: thinking ahead of yourself, or not living in the moment, makes what you are doing less fun and much, much harder! :(

Aha moment! If you want to really ENJOY what you’re doing or living, experience it NOW. Don’t just think ahead to the next thing. Life is meant to be enjoyed! :) Having a healthy life and enjoying and living in the moment is essential to peace, happiness, and sanity, my lovely friends!

Seriously friends, I learned this the hard way (I thought I was going to DIEEEEE in class today–like I’ve said before, teaching fitness classes is way harder than you might realize), and today was extra hard b/c I wasn’t living in the moment!!)

Here’s the dealio of the end of the revelation: I switched to stop thinking about what was next, and instead enjoyed the movements I was doing and the strong muscles I was building, and it all of a sudden became easier. The pain/hard work didn’t go away, but the journey seemed so much lighter, easier, and more exhilarating!!

Oh and to begin the revelation, last night I was definitely living in the moment as I enjoyed my dinner to the max. It was amazing and I lived it up. Savored every bite, enjoyed conversation with the hubby, and just let other worries or frustrations fall to the way side.

Homemade sweet potato soup:

soooo tasty!

SALAD colors!!!

SOO excited for a great salad season!

Amazing how food can taste so good when savored and living in the moment :)

all together now!

Try it out- life is so much easier when we stop worrying about what is going to come next and just enjoy and experience living in the moment!! I am going to work on this– so I’ll give ya an update every once in awhile.

Have a great day friends!!

How about YOU? Do you experience ‘living in the moment’ often??

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  1. I am constantly thinking about what I need to do next because I am such a busy person, that I realize that I’m not even paying attention to what I’m doing! Luckily, i am studying abroad, and it’s reminding me to pay more attention to things in life that are going on around me RIGHT NOW.

  2. I am so not a live in the moment type person. I am a planner. It makes me anxious when I don’t know what’s happening next. I’m a “no surprises” kind of girl…Jeff is the complete opposite so he brings out the relaxed Katie A BIT but not by much…

    I love structure, routine and schedules….EEK! I am THAT person!

  3. I feel you on the more indulgences on the weekend. I never deprive myself either but thats just how things naturally happen. Totally understand where you’re coming from!

    And you’re right about living in the moment making life that much more enjoyable. It really makes everything that much better.


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