Weekend Indulgences

Hey, hey! Happy Monday :) What a fabulous weekend I had! But first, If you’re catching up on some posts, look HERE and HERE (and HERE from Thurs). You might get some ideas on how to snack healthily, eat more consciously and get utils out of that eating, and you’ll find out more about me!

It snowed over the weekend

snow again in the mountains!

Crazy huh?

How ’bout you-nutso weather where you’re at?? I kind of think it is fun….you get to experience Mother Nature at her bipolar best 😉

So, question, does anyone else often eat “worse” on the weekend? I am no perfect eater. Not a chance. But, I do try and eat clean at least 85% of the time. Pretty sure that 15% usually tends to happen on the weekend….

A photo essay to explain:

chicken artichoke

I like pizza-but I really love homemade pizza. This was good, but quite greasy. I made sure to dab some of the grease off and then added some spinach on top (too lazy to take another picture. ha)

amazingness in an ice cream boat

I adore ice cream (I really love frozen yogurt the best, though!) But I don’t keep it in the house (for that reason just mentioned. ha.) I like to enjoy delicious and indulgent treats on special occasions because it makes it THAT much more special-and Saturday was a special occasion.

We gathered as a family (at my in-laws) and ate awesome splits after watching a church conference. I don’t like bananas so I had strawberries hiding under my gooey yummy mess.


I am not done….

Sunday morning brunch time:

egg casserole (with white bread) + apple + huge cinnamon roll!

not too bad…..but still-the sugar rush from the cinnamon roll was intense. and delicious, I might add :)

Later on I had a handful of gummy bears.


And then later we had a great dinner (not pictured) of enchiladas.

So, what I am saying is this: I eat clean MOST of the time. I do eat indulgent foods (i.e. pizza-not homemade, ice cream/fro yo, and candy) ON occasion. I feel for me, that this helps me keep those “special” foods just for special times. If I were to eat those foods daily, I probably wouldn’t feel optimal or perform at my best.

This is the way I like to do it-just sharing with ya how I handle treats and indulgences. And yes, most special foods tend to show up on the weekends for ME! :)

But, I just hop back to the gym Monday and get in a good sweat (not overdoing it!)

me sweaty with my handy ipod in the a.m. today

and then I eat a healthy breakfast-and I am back in the swing of the week and “clean” eating.

do you see that AB blob??

see it??

up close and mmmmmm :)

oats + lite almond milk + cinnamon + Go Lean Crunch + last of the homemade almond butter :(

Of course, I do sometimes eat “special” foods during the week (hello healthy life and balance!!) and I am fine with that, as long as I am not eating it emotionally or because I am bored. Huge NO NO for me- I don’t like eating indulgent foods to make me feel better or console me….I used to, though :( It is WAY more fun to eat those foods with someone else, and to really enjoy it (instead of feel guilty for it).

If you want more ideas about eating well, check out these posts:

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Well, I am off to run a bazillion errands and get some work done….plus have an exciting adventure (to be featured another day–be excited!!)

What about YOU-do YOU save special treats for the weekend or for special occasions?

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  1. You are awesome Annette!

    I definitely eat differently on the weekends…Irregularly and less “healthy” than I do during the week but I try to keep a handle on it as much as possible….

    I like to indulge on special occasions too…It makes me appreciate the food much more than if I would eat it every day…

  2. Caroline says:

    I try to only indulge on special occasions. But somehow I find a “special occasion” on every day. help?

  3. I HAVE to have chocolate every day. I’m an “everything in moderation” kind of gal.

  4. I touched on this last weekend – I dont think “cheat days” or “weekend indulgences” are necessarily a good idea because it often leads to an urge to pack it all in during the time it’s allowed…I’d much rather allow a few bites anytime! I also think that it makes it way more enjoyable to eat it when it sounds good!

  5. I definitely let myself splurge in moderation whenever I feel like it. For me, if I ban it from my life, I’ll just go crazy on it the next time I have it in front of me!

  6. I definitely let myself splurge here and there. Life is to short to cut out ice cream and gummie bears…which I also love. That view of the mountains is beautiful.

  7. I save treats for whenever I have a really big craving! Actually I am finally starting to let go of my dumb rules! I have not allowed myself to get dessert in a long time! AHHH! need to though!


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