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Hey, hey! Happy Saturday to you all :) I loved my workout this morning–I hit up the HIIT cardio. Love my interval work on the treadmill! It is important to incorporate interval and sprint work if you’re interested in upping your fitness, want to lose some belly fat, or want to get a great sweat (and workout in) in a shorter amount of time. Don’t just do steady-state cardio all the time just because it is easy…..(with that being said, I sometimes do do steady-state because I am being lazy or it is my semi-day off).

running it out

Being the snack master I am and all–I taught a gazillion clients (mostly students) how to snack healthier rather than hit up the vending machines–I thought I’d share some tid bits and such. What da ya think??? Yah? I think yah. Even though I am slightly kidding about the master part.
OKay maybe I am not. I did finish my Master’s degree and all….. 😉 hehe.

Me RIGHT after defending-and passing-my Master's Thesis, at PF Changs

I digress….moving right along.
Okay, here are some ideas to try in the food department if you like snacks and don’t want to just grab an apple.


1. Try to make sure you have a high quality protein at every meal or snack (i.e. eggs, cottage cheese, cheese-but watch the portion-, turkey, chicken, or yogurt)—sometimes it is not always convenient to do so….and that is a-okay. Just TRY to.
2. Choose snacks that focus on a fruit, veggie, and/or nut (+some protein in there if there is no nut)
  • celery sticks and some almond butter


  • cheese stick and whole wheat crackers
  • nuts and an orange
  • yogurt and an apple
  • whole wheat tortilla with a melted stick of mozzarella and spinach inside
  • nuts and berries
  • apple + almond butter (my all-time fav)

apple + AB blob

  • tuna salad made with mustard and celery + whole wheat crackers
  • cottage cheese and berries
  • apple sliced + eaten with a cheese stick
  • yogurt with berries mixed in
  • carrots and hummus
  • snap peas and almond butter
  • black beans + homemade guacamole on whole wheat tortilla
Let me know if you try any of these! My favorites are apple + almond butter, yogurt + berries, and carrots + hummus
Have a happy, healthy weekend! We’re spending it out of town with my husband’s family–just ya know chillaxin, watching a conference, and spending quality time eating, playing, and SLEEPing!!!
Which idea that I’ve listed do YOU want to try? What is your “go-to” snack??
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  1. I love apples and peanutbutter, or hummus and wholegrain crackers :) Or carrot sticks and almonds! PS – and I snack A LOT!

  2. Alicia Baer says:

    What is your Almond Butter recipe? Will you send it to me?

  3. I can tell you which one from your list I DONT want to try..haha…cottage cheese and berries….The idea of fruit and cottage cheese gives me the heebies….it always has for some reason…

    carrots and hummus, black beans and avocado on pita, yummy homemade granola, any of my variations of bran muffins and banana smothered with pb or ab are my go to’s!


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