Utility and Oranges

Happy Friday! You friends can make a woman blush! Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday’s post. Did ya really want to know all that about me??? Well, I can say, I loved learning more about y’all. What a fabulous ending to a week!

Oh and Happy April Fool’s Day!!


In the middle of the night (well, okay it WAS 6:25 a.m. but felt like 2 a.m.) I received a text from another fitness instructor asking me to sub her class, as her father-in-law had just recently died a few hours before (sad).

I was so disoriented and not TOTALLY sure if it was an April Fools Joke?? I responded, hoping that I wouldn’t look like a fool, and turns out (kind of unfortunately), that it wasn’t a joke. He really had passed, she needed a sub, AND to top it off- it really is her birthday today. WHEW.

So, the joke was on me. I taught her Core Cross Training class today and it was a total blasty! There were over 40 people there and it was an energetic, fun atmosphere. We busted out some hard core ab moves (pun intended) and worked our bodies hard.

Then I took a rockin’ and super sweaty Zumba class from one of my favorite instructors. SO great. I love Friday Zumba classes b/c there is so much energy.

I came home, immediately hopped in the shower, and then scarfed down TWO oranges. TWO, friends. We don’t joke around here. When Annette has a craving, it is real and she wants bang for her craving buck!

No pictures of the oranges (y’all know what they look like, right?),

okay okay fine- some from the Internet:

SO juicy!!!

I did make this beauty for lunch–which I am about to enjoy!

wrap me UP nice and tight!

whole wheat wrap. inside:  laughing cow cheese + spinach + deli turkey meat + minced garlic + lettuce.

SO excited to eat this baby.

lookin' GOOD!

With carrots on the side.

I think the plate needs more carrots??

Well, I finished the book, French Women Don’t Get Fat. Remember my first post about it? Fascinating stuff in there, really. I like her attitude toward food, enjoyment, pleasures, and cravings.

It is true that we need to honor our bodies, but do we really need to eat half the package of cookies? Or would just 1 or 2 give as just as much (if not more) pleasure?

great read

My husband is realllllyyyy good at stopping when he is full, honoring his cravings, and never overeating (unless there is a lot of meat around). He is an economist, so he calls it “utils,” or the utility (benefit) you get of eating a certain food or a certain amount.

Utils, people. My husband always says that eating chocolate (remember I am Swiss!) gives me wayyyy more utils than him, so he always leaves it for me. However, I know that having Cheez-its or Doritos in the house give him wayyyy more utils than me, and so I leave them for him (very rare that I eat Cheez-its, but an occasional few will go in my mouth).

Next time you have a craving, decide what utility it will bring to eat the portion RIGHT then. Or could you do with a little less? If no, then go for it, baby!! If you can do with less, than eat until you are TRULY satisfied and then stop.

Baby steps will help us all Americans eat and view food the way the French do….in a very healthy, balanced way.

On the other hand, the French do enjoy their pleasures of eating rich foods, but they always compensate (in a healthy, balanced) way some where else. Maybe a few more steps the next day. Or less at the next meal. Or maybe only eating 1/2 a portion of that pleasurable food instead of an entire portion. Whatever it is, YOU get to be the one who decides how and when to compensate.

So let’s go ahead and enjoy our food in a healthy, balanced, and positive way. Food is meant to be enjoyed–not hoarded, scarfed, or seen negatively. This is all part of a healthy life lived well!!

With that being said, I am off to totally enjoy my wrap. One bite and chew at a time 😉 Maybe a piece of chocolate will follow?? We shall see.

How about YOU-do YOU honor your cravings? Do you know how many utils a certain food will give YOU?

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  1. I have a hard time understanding when I am “satisfied” I might not be satisfied until half the cake is gone! But I’m learning to understand that my yearning for more is just a lingering feeling of excitement by how great the meal was!




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