What You Didn’t Know About Me + Thankful Thursday

Hey, hey! Glad you guys all agreed that I am not totally insane! My husband may think otherwise–actually, that is a lie. He thinks I am wonderful and not completely nutso. But hey, we’re all a little weird/crazy in our own way, right?? Right.

And with that being said, I thought it’b be fun to share 10 things you (probably) don’t know about me. I started this website/blog a little while ago, so there is a lot of life that has been lived before you all “met” me here (hi! and welcome, if you’re new!).

Without further ado…..

1. I am the 4th of 10 children.


my family is one the left, husband’s family on the right! <3


We are all biological, there are 4 boys and 6 girls, we all come from 1 mom and dad, and we are all best friends. We do fight, yes, most definitely. But on the whole, we get along pretty well and see each other quite often. Hence our recent ski vacay, which was absolutely perfect and wonderful in every way!

2. I danced ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap for a greater portion of my life.

As only mentioned once or twice on here, I am a ballet dancer by training, passion, and default. My mom made all of us girls (in my family, there are 6) do ballet for at least 2 years. We all HATED it. However, once I broke my toe during gymnastics, I completely switched to ballet and totally fell in love. I danced ballet seriously throughout junior high and high school, even being invited by the city’s ballet company to apprentice with them before my freshman year in college! I danced numerous pieces from “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” “Coppelia,” “Giselle,” “Don Quixote,” and “La Bayadere,” plus various pieces from more contemporary songs.

my love

In addition, I took up Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap. I disliked Tap and quit after 2 years. But I ADORE Jazz/Hip Hop…..maybe that is why i love Zumba so much?? I love shakin’ it on the dance floor. I get into my element, think I am the bombdotcom, and move it like it’s my thang. Really, I do. And I don’t care one bit what others think of me while I am doing it. Luckily, and in my defense, I do have some rhythm  😉

3. I am madly in love with my husband, and believe we are living our fairytale.

We met under an apple tree in 2009. Really, we did. I was out picking apples with a roommate in my backyard. We had been having fun, screaming, laughing, and finally resorting to getting on a step ladder to shake the tree and get the highest apples to come off and into our hands, when my now-husband, who had been next door at a service project with friends, heard laughter from outside.

visiting the apple tree ONE year after meeting under it!

Upon investigation, and realizing it was NOT kids, like he had imagined from the sound of the laughter, he saw two young ladies, one of them being me, and ended up watching us, amused, as we shook the tree, and laughed hysterically at ourselves. He came over and helped us get those hard-to-reach apples, introduced himself, and immediately…..neither of us were interested in the other! I was at a time in my life where men did not interest me at all–as I was “concentrating on my studies.” I was in graduate school and there was no time for extra nuisances, like men. 😉

After a few other random meetings among friends, he asked me out for a date (to go dancing, no less!) and two weeks later we were dating, and spending every extra minute together. And like they say, the rest is history!

the bride :)

We were married for time and all eternity on April 30, 2010. Best and most magical day of my life!!

Now you can see why we ARE in a fairytale….we met under an apple tree and he is my prince :) (kind of corny, but hey, ya gotta roll with it. My nickname in my family is “princess” so it is perfect for me and us!)

4. I have run several races and hope to do more!

I have run 2 half-marathons, 2 full marathons, and competed in 1 sprint triathlon. All within the time frame of April 2008-October 2009. I never considered myself a runner, but decided to run a half-marathon anyway, and that’s how it all began. Weird, I know.

finished the 1/2 marathon–and PRed–in 2008!!

I ran my first half-marathon in April 2008, PR-ing at 1:47. I didn’t even time myself on the race, wore shorts that kept falling off (I had no proper “runners” gear), and just laughed at myself in disbelief that I was running for fun!! without someone telling me I had to do it! I “hated” running in high school because it was boring and pushed on us all to train properly for lacrosse and field hockey seasons (both of which I played in HS).

my first bib. awww :)

I PRed in my 1st marathon at 3:59 in September 2008. I was one of the top 20 runners for my age group in that marathon!! I am telling ya, this is CRAZY b/c I have never “loved” running. I still don’t LOVE it, but I do enjoy it more than I ever have.

right after my 1st marathon….dancer at heart, much??

My husband and I competed in a sprint triathlon together while we were dating. I did this two weeks after competing in my 2nd marathon (I ran it with my sista!!! SOOO fun!), and getting a black eye (while on a training bike ride!). That was one crazy semester…..

about to start the triathlon

5. I am 78% Swiss.

OKay that percentage is made up. BUT, my mother is Swiss and immigrated to the states after marrying my father (an American) in Switzerland, leaving her beloved country at age 22. We go back every 3-4 years in the Summer, and lived there for 1 year when I was 5, while my dad did an internship with another surgeon there. I LOVE Switzerland and want to live there again some day!

Swiss terrain

The other percentage you ask?? My dad’s mother’s side is all from Switzerland as well. Lots of Swiss misses in my family :) Maybe that is why I adore Swiss chocolate and good cheese? Oh and I lived in Austria and Germany for 16 months in 2006-2007. Love Europa! Maybe that is why I am enjoying one of my current reads so much?

6. I only wash my face using essential oils and natural products.

Like I have mentioned before, essential oils are a huge part of my life and washing regimen. I try and take care of my body and face and health by using the best, most natural products out there.

7. I iChat with my little sister, teaching her Zumba 2x/week.

My awesome little sister has Down Syndrome, is a total sweetheart, and loves dancing Zumba. So, in order to spend more time with her, enhance her health, and enjoy a little booty shakin’ time, we have set up twice-weekly Zumba sessions using iChat.

me and the little sis, OCt 2010

I love this quality time I get to spend with her and the joy that it brings me and her (I can tell by her smile and energy!) is kind of indescribable. It is simply awesome!!

8. I do not like TV, don’t pay for TV channels, and do not watch TV EVER, but I do love the TV show Drop Dead Diva (I watched it all on DVD).

I grew up in a home where TV was a huge privilege. We only got to watch a show if our homework was done, the sun had gone down, and we had finished our other chores. Thus, it was very difficult to get in on that TV time. Plus, my mom does not like TV with its sedentary effect, trashy programming, and boring or useless sports.

love this DVD

I agree with her on many accounts. However, I was gifted the DVD set of “Drop Dead Diva” by a best friend and immediately was hooked. Luckily it is a “movie” in my eyes and not TV because it is all on DVD! :) If you haven’t watched it, order it on DVD from your netflix or borrow it from a friend-it is hilarious, witty, very personable, and simply fun. Plus, you learn a lot about the legal system!

9. I suffered from various eating disorder tendencies all throughout college.

I am not proud of this, nor am I wishing this upon anyone, but I did learn several valuable lessons from this horrible experience. Instead of appreciating my health or body, I tore it apart with negative thoughts and actions. I overexercised, underate, binged, threw-up, and participated in many other unhealthy practices. I was negative, unhappy, and slightly depressed (never ‘clinically diagnosed’). This all changed once I began to see the damage I was doing, the deprivation I was feeling, and the unhappy attitude I possessed. It helped to serve others, eat what I enjoyed in moderation, stop the negative self-talk, and live life in the moment.

too skinny-Fall 2005

I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from those tendencies and that my attitude toward exercise and eating is one of joy, happiness, and health!  I fuel my body properly (at least I try to!), I exercise because I love and enjoy it–not because I feel I “have to” to burn calories or whatever, and I think more positively and constructively about myself and others (MOST of the time. I still get down on myself once in awhile–I’m not perfect!).

10. I am “officially” graduating next month (in April) with my M.S. in Exercise Sciences, and will celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary.

I finished my Master’s program in Exercise Sciences in December 2010, but I will not “officially” graduate until April 2011. I am SO excited to put on that scarily ugly robe and walk across the stage—all proud of my hard work, accomplishments, intense thesis project, and determination, that it all took to finish!! I am so grateful for awesome, supportive parents, husband, siblings, and friends.

in April 2010, husband’s graduation

On April 30, 2011, we will remember our perfect wedding day, together. My husband is amazing and I credit our last year of bliss to him and his amazing ability to calm, soothe, and excite me :) Love you babe!

wedding day- April 30,2010


Whew!! That was A LOT of info about me! I hope you enjoyed it, learned something new, and maybe, just maybe, feel like you know me a little better?? :) It is weird in this blog world how you feel you can know someone but you’ve never even met them!

Thankful Thursday:

  • my health
  • my planner
  • a clean bathroom

Now it is your turn. What are TWO things I don’t, or the blog world doesn’t, know about YOU??

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  1. That’s such a great story about how you and your husband met. It’s adorable. Two things about me…hmmm..I am the shortest in my family..I am 5’5 but my brother, sister, mom, and dad are all well over 5’11”. What the hell happened to me? My favorite shows are Roseanne and Cops. Random!

  2. Love your facts!! I come from a small family and always admire big families because they always seem to be so much fun and full of love! How awesome that, that love overflowed into your marriage and you are married to your prince! :)

    Two things you probably don’t know about me….hmmm I traveled to almost every European country as a child. I had my reception at the LA Union Station which is a running train station!

  3. It was great to learn all these new things about you! Two things about me are 1) I love to sing and sang in a choir for about 8 years! and 2) I am a Harry Potter fanatic

  4. Alicia Baer says:

    Okay you already know this – but I seriously love yoU! You are so fantastic! Okay#1- I love sports- softball is literally a passion! #2- I am indeed a country girl at heart love being outside ranching and my my fav thing to do is FISH and GUT THEM—EWWW I know!

    You just help me realize that life is great everyday! Every time you talk about how much you love your prince- it just makes me think of mine and how I really am living a fairytale too! Thanks Annette!

  5. If you didn’t already know this I completely adore you Annette! You have such an amazing heart.

    I am going to check out those essential oils…I read your original post on them and meant to check them out but never did…I am going to right now!

    2 things the blog world doesn’t know about me:

    1) I have a teddy bear named Sparkle Bear that my grandparents gave me at 6 months old. He is always on our bed (sort of a security blanket). My husband has a blue blanket that HE’S had since a baby that is always on our bed too.

    2) We have a lakefront cabin that we spend almost every weekend at from May until August/September. Soon I will be blogging from the great outdoors!

  6. I would love to hear about you how you use essential oils to clean your face!

  7. Wow, you are so open and inspiring. I’ve been clicking every single link on your blog (honestly I’ve been on your site for an hour or two). I love EVERYTHING that you have to say… about eating, about recipes, about your past struggles, about counseling these struggles, about church, about exercise. You are an extremely talented and versatile little lady! I’ve learned so much just from reading your posts under the “disordered eating” section. I plan to visit your site regularly :) bookmarking.


    • Hah-glad you like it all :)

      Thanks for coming by today–you are super kind to leave such a nice comment! Happy New Year, lady!

  8. Hello! I love your blog and am new to it but absolutely LOVE it! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your blog, love love love.
    I too am part Swiss, actually my citizenship is Swiss, but technically I’m only a quarter, but lived there when I was little. Long story! But I love visiting regularly and am very close to my Swiss relatives.
    Also, I suffered with ED’s as well, same as you more or less, and am so inspired by your site for SO many reasons. You are such a great inspiration! I have been healthy and in recovery for several months now and feel like i have a new life.
    Thank you so much for your blog and sharing your life, and inspiring others :-)


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