Maple Syrup

Hey you guys-how is it going? I had a rockin’ Zumba class today–so lovely and sooo needed :) I wasn’t feeling awesome beforehand (the blues I guess?), but Zumba cleared that right up!


Okay on to a hilarious story. Mind you, it was not so hilarious when it happened.

This morning after Zumba I had come home, showered, and had just finished making my bowl of oatmeal, when I turned, lost control of the bowl (still have NOOO idea how this happened!?) and it went flying!! I caught the bowl with the same hand as it tipped sideways, dumping my precious oatmeal (seriously, SO sad to lose those awesome flakes of oatmeal) to the floor and ALL over my hands. So sad.

It totally scorched my hands, surprised the beejeebies out of me, and made me get upset over lost/spilled oatmeal. My tears welled up in my eyees. Tears??? Over Oatmeal?? I hid them from my husband so he wouldn’t think I was too insane…..

I think I am losing my marbles? Or maybe just my oatmeal 😉

I guess now it makes for a very funny story afterwards, no?? Kind of like my exploding cake story?  Not so funny then, but hilarious afterward. Good times, good times.

So on top of the remaining oatmeal I added cereals and maple syrup!!! I love the flavor. I love the taste. I also really like the sugar free kinds (weird-I know). I think I just was craving the maple taste and it totally hit the spot this morning after such a crazy experience.

do you see the syruppyy goodness hiding??

I have never added maple syrup to cereal, but I guess a lot of manufacturers do in sugary cereals. Maybe that is why this bowl was SO delicious? Or maybe because I needed some major comfort food after such a traumatizing oatmeal experience.

what was left of the oatmeal (lite soy milk + water + oats) + Go Lean Crunch + Oatmeal Squares + cinnamon + MAPLE SYRUP!!


I am off to tackle the day’s to-do list! Anyone else write down, “shower,” “eat,” and “drink water,” on their to-do lists?? :)

So what about YOU? Have you ever cried over “spilled milk” (or spilled oatmeal)?! Am I all alone in this?

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  1. Honestly I am the same way. I don’t know what it is but the other day I just wasn’t feeling that chipper and I am pouring a bowl of cereal and I spilled some all over my kitchen floor…i got mad and then suddenly sad like everything was going wrong in my life..I can definitely laugh about it now because corn flakes on the floor is not “everything going wrong”.

  2. When you’re going through tough times and something small like spilled milk happens, it just reminds you of how your life is crumbling at the moment! I’ve broken down many a’ times over small stuff like this! It’s a woman thing!

  3. I think you teared up because of the pain!

  4. Just catching up on posts now….I’m so sorry to hear about your oats!! Your replacement breaky looks good though!

    I dropped my cheerios a few months ago ALL over the floor…The last of my peanut butter was on them as well, and was stuck to my laminate flooring…I was having a rough morning and I would be lying if I didn’t have tears too…

    I hear ya!



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