Morning Monday! Wasn’t the weekend fabulous?? Like I said, we planned on going to a Brazilian fest (aka “Carnaval”), and go we did! There was dancing, Capoeira (Brazilian Tae Kwondo), traditional food/drink, and lucky me — I had my husband explain all kinds of things to me about the Brazilian people and festivities (he lived there for 2 years). Very cool.

dancing Samba

It was definitely a smaller festival, but there were a lot of Brazilian people there.

in the midst of Capoeira "fighting"

We also watched a movie (surprise, surprise) together, but were quite unimpressed with it. We saw “The Bee Movie.”


I had always wanted to see it but it did not entertain us really at all. SO sad, I was. :( I guess that is why you never hear about it now? It did have some funny parts, but I think we like a little more action for our movies.

As Sunday is my rest day (sooo lovely!), I planned a much-needed and relaxing phone date chat with one of my best friends. She now lives in Las Vegas and we try and make a point to phone chat every so often.

I needed this talk– I’ve missed her! Little background: we met in the ballet program at college as we were both Ballet majors originally. We hit it off immediately and both eventually switched our majors to Exercise Science. We were then roommates throughout college, stayed best friends as we both travelled/worked/did school all over the world, and then both got engaged within 2 weeks of each other and married in the same year. Truly meant to be best friends, no??

with my besties at my wedding--she's with dark hair, sitting next to me on my left, your right

The reason why I needed this chat is because for meΒ true wellness and enjoying a healthy life includes having healthy, consistent relationships with friends and family. And that means being open, honest, and truthful with them. I always feel totally honest and open when I am with/around her so last night’s chat allowed me to dump open my heart and have some quality “girl” time. Ya know what I mean?

Now, I am lucky to have a fabulous husband who listens to me and lets me cry, complain, laugh, vent, etc. to him, but true “chats” with a woman best friend can NOT be replaced. It was heavenly and left me rejuvenated!

Maybe that is why I slept to well and woke up totally excited to hit the gym??

65 minutes of intervals on the elliptical at level 7. It was actually quite hard πŸ˜‰ After, I did some strength moves, burpees (love-hate relationship with those bad boys!), and 10 mins abs.

Then I had this delicious bowl of goodness:

so many flavors!

lit soy milk + raw oats + homemade almond butter + Go Lean Crunch + Oatmeal Squares

perfection in a bowl

I am off to run errands and get trained for some part-time work. Seize the day and have a fabulous Monday!

What about YOU, do you love your “girl-time” chats?? Do you have them often?

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  1. I totally need my girl chats. Luckily, I live with one of my best friends, so I get to have them all the time! :)

  2. You’re so healthy – I love it! :)

    I’m thinking about finally giving in to getting healthy and joining 24 hr. fitness this weekend. Look out world! πŸ˜‰

  3. It sounds like that was a much needed conversation!

    I don’t talk on the phone EVER actually…My girl time is usually with my girlfriend Janet whom is my walking/jogging buddy and theatre buddy. We talk for hours about everything under the sun and I feel so inspired and rejuvenated by the end.

    PS your cereal is making me drool. NOT GOOD considering it’s 8:00 PM πŸ˜‰

  4. I just got off the phone with one of my best friends! I love girl chats and need it quite often to keep me sane! I think the older you get the more you need them!

    I agree with you on the Bee Movie. I took a beekeeping class in college and love anything bee related and was very disappointed with this one. Kind of boring!

  5. just catching up on your wellness blog (i need to add it to my reader so I don’t get behind)! thanks for this post- you are so sweet! i love talking to you too!! love you!


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