Yoga + Second Breakfast

Happy weekend! How is it going today so far? Anyone enjoy a Zumba glow today? :)

My body is exhausted…..but it feels kinda good to be sore all over again, ya know what I mean πŸ˜‰ SOOO glad tomorrow is Sunday and my rest day!

This morn I woke up and quickly downed my 1st small breakfast. If I teach in the a.m., I need SOME sort of fuel to keep me going (it is HARD to talk throughout an exercise class AND do the actual exercises–try it some time, you’ll see). Usually I don’t eat in the a.m. before a normal, personal workout, by the way.


lite vanilla soy milk + raw oats + homemade almond butter + Go Lean Crunch (powder–end of the bag!) + oatmeal squares

takin' a bite-CHOMP!


I then taught a BodyPUMP class. It was rockin’! I was subbing the class, so it was fun to see how good the members’ form was and how far they’ve come since I last subbed that class. Improvements in BodyPUMP aren’t hard to make if you’re going at least 2x/week, because that class is killer. Hence my inability to correctly walk stairs today πŸ˜‰

Then came the real beauty….I took a yoga class. I stretched everything that has been sore, released a lot of tension, semi-relaxed my mind (I MUST work on this, people!!), and got to do the splits again.

Again, yes. I once was a gymnast and ballet dancer back in the day (did ya know?!). So yes, I am extremely flexible but have obviously lost some of it with disuse. I want to get back to that intense flexibility and better balance in poses!

I was so shaky I fell over in tree pose! Who does that?!


By the way, I have a goal to go to yoga at LEAST 2x/month. I have already met that March goal- yipppeee!!

Guess what my favorite pose is? Pigeon pose.


I looooovvvveee that stretch that I feel in my inner and outer thighs–unfortunately today that pose was not done. But nobody is stopping me from busting out poses in my living room πŸ˜‰

So, after BodyPUMP (and before/ semi-during yoga) I ate (well actually drank) my second breakfast.

Green Monster Smoothie!!! I ran out of the house this morning (with it packed) totally forgetting to take a picture, whoops. Let me just tell you, it was thick and creamy and pretty filling.

Spinach + ice + chocolate protein powder + water + cottage cheese + homemade chocolate almond butter

taken from my car this morning (on the way to work)

Saturday is the perfect day to relax, do something fun, and enjoy a spouse and/or friends or family. I am off to read, head to a Brazilian fest with my man (my husband lived in Brazil for 2 years and is fluent in Portugese–a very pretty language ps–), and watch a moooovvvieee!!!

Enjoy your weekend :)

What is YOUR favorite yoga pose? Are you yoga goers?

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  1. No worries about falling over in tree pose–some days your more balanced than others!

  2. My favorite pose is the bird of paradise. It opens up just about every joint in the body and just looks so cool. πŸ˜› But pigeon definitely feels amazing!

  3. I have total respect for fitness instructors purely based on the fact that they have to maintain composure enough to talk/teach while being physically exerted. I on the other hand can NOT do that!

    Favorite yoga pose….RIGHT NOW I would say downward facing dog because I love the stretch it gives my shoulders AND calves if done correctly…But I do enjoy the wide legged forward bend too!

  4. I love the Warrior pose. It makes me feel powerful and is a great full body stretch.

  5. I hate to admit this, but I’ve never attended a yoga class! I’ve done it at home but never done it in a studio!!


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