Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye + Thankful Thursday

Hey friends- catch my title from a movie?? Can ya name it? Did ya know I speak German? Auf Wiedersehen actually means Goodbye (in German). And I am being totally serious about speaking German (my momma is Swiss) :)

Okay, I dislike good-byes. For the last 2-4 days I have had to say good-bye to members of my family from our vacay and it was hard, hard, hard.

You see, they all flew out here to UT to ski, and all I and the husband had to do was drive home about 1.2 hours and we were home. They all got to “fly” home (which makes it much cooler in my opinion-I LOVE traveling and flying). They left ME (and the husband) behind.

I guess I don’t like good-byes because it is hard to get back into “real life”- ya know?

Especially when you have left this behind:

I <3 the mountains!

Plus, the piles of laundry, work, emails, job searches, and phone calls that are awaiting me…..sigh. Can’t I just be back on the slopes!?

sparkly snow!

Okay, enough whining- it was a fabulous vacation and we had an awesome last day of skiing. The SUN joined us :) It was a beeeauuutttiifffulll day on the slopes and I. soaked. it. all. up.

I love the shadows

groomed runs

my husband stopped by, can you tell???

We cleaned and packed and headed back to our corner of UT. I taught a BodyPUMP class while the fam walked around campus. Remind me NEVER to take a week off of BodyPUMP?! PLease?! That was SO SO hard. I am already extremely sore. It was tough! Especially the upper body muscles (um, hello skiing??? and the fact that there are no major arm workouts on the mountain??)

We ate delicious food at a Brazilian restaurant last night which featured a huge salad bar + meat/fish/grilled veggies brought around on sticks. It was SO good. I ate salad, fish, barbequed chicken, some cheese breads, sushi, and grilled pineapple (YUMM).

part of dinner

It is kinda sad that the picture featured the roll b/c I never got around to eating it.sad…..We were SO stuffed by the end :)

Today I did a stair + elliptical workout in the a.m. (the fam was still sleeping) and then we spent the day chillin’, going to a nearby museum, and eating lunch together.

Can’t forget the epic frozen yogurt I consumed….

full to the BRIM baby

….I don’t think I am going to be hungry at all until tomorrow! ha!

snickerdoodle + vanilla + dulce de leche + almonds + toffee bits + butterscotch chips + caramel

Holy DELICIOUS!! (p.s. we went to the same place my sister and I went to lassstttt week. Am I addicted? maybe.)

Then the parents and little siblings left me…..and flew home. I was really sad. But very grateful for such awesome parents for sponsoring such a fab vacation!!

Luckily, I will see them all again soon–the parents in a month and the siblings in June! I know, I know, no major pity party is needed.

I have him to keep me company :) That is totally something to smile about, eh Tina?? :)

the hottie husband about to shred the mountain

But I guess I already consoled myself with the epic frozen yogurt? A much healthier way than stuffing my face with the pint of ice cream in our freezer much, right. Maybe? Hopefully?

mmmmm k, off to choreo a Zumba class for tomorrow :)

Thankful Thursday:

ahhhh the mountains

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  1. I am thankful for your skiing posts! I missed the Vermont winter this year to study in New Zealand. It’s quite wonderful over here, but I miss the snow! Glad you had such a fun trip :)

  2. Saying goodbye is always tough…But a month/ June will be here before you know it babe!

    That frozen yogurt does look epic…Send me some K? 😉


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    Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye + Thankful Thursday | Enjoy Your Healthy Life



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