I heart skiing!!! That is why I haven’t posted in awhile (did you miss me the past 3 days?!)

The conditions up here (best snow on earth = Utah mountains!!) have been caRaZy. Seriously white-out days every day since Sunday.

On Sunday we went to church and took a day off of skiing–remember how my rest day is always Sunday?

see those icicles hanging off the church?

Well, this was a lovely rest day full of family, friends who came to visit us at our cabin, good food, and fun. Family, friends, food, fun- what more can you ask for when it is blizzarding outside??

It snowed ALL day Sunday and we could not wait to hit the slopes Monday morning. It was fine in the morning-the sun was actually out-but in the afternoon it started coming down hard and fast. Plus it got super windy. I was chilled to the bone 30 minutes after lunch and we still had 2.5 hours to go!!

can you see how WHITE it all is!?

What does that mean? Crazy weather. Tired legs. Very good sleep.

Oh and I had an amazing breakfast today to power me through yet another white out day today!

mmmm breakfast of champs

Almond milk + oats + flax seed + dried fruit + homemade almond butter + Go Lean Crunch + Oatmeal Squares + Wheat squares ( a whole lot of crazy stuff in a bowl, pretty much. It was amazing by the way!!)

So glad for that breakfast-we were on the slopes by 9:07 a.m. (right when a lift opened) and we hit ALL the new powder. My legs were shhhaaakkkiiingg by 11:00 a.m. I still had 2 more hours before lunch!! But it was fun to feel the burn, baby :)

me VERY bundled up-- what do you think I look like??

Have you ever skiied TRUE new powder? It is SO hard. It was harder on my legs today than BodyPUMP has been lately-maybe I need to increase my squat weight??

Seriously, the weather was nuts. My legs would disappear under the powder–such a weird sensation–as I skiied down the mountain! But I love feeling and being in nature. I love the mountains. I love feeling that peaceful sensation as I ski past the pine trees and cliffs. WOW.

I am very happy when I get to be in nature- plus it ain’t so bad that I am strapped to two wooden boards and am near my family :)

Isn’t it beautiful??

Okay, I am off to eat dinner with the fam….I hear Thai Chicken is on the menu for tonight. Yumm!

What have you done lately that has brought you outside and into the elements??

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  1. I went kayaking on Sunday! Basically the opposite of what you did! Hot, watery, and hard on the arms :) But I’m jealous! I’m from Vermont and I miss skiing like mad!

  2. Welcome back!! You were missed here at RFKW!

    Your bowl of cereal looks FANTASTIC! You know I’m a cereal freak so that is so up my alley!

    You remind me of Hon Solo in the Empire Strikes Back (I think) in that bundled up picture…

  3. Caroline says:

    bahaha. I totally agree with Katie. You do look like Hon Solo with that ski outfit. A very girly version of Han solo.

  4. Hhahah you are seriously bundled up. It looks cold but a lot of fun.

  5. I run daily in the elements and I’m pretty unhappy with them at the moment. We got more snow yesterday and expect more tomorrow. It’s really a bummer for running. BUT.. my hubby, like you is loving it. He gets to Snowboard this weekend. Good luck! Maybe next year will be my year for hitting the slopes. I’ve only been once this year.



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