Ski Bunnies

Hey friends! The ski vacation continues and it was an amazing and freeeeezzziiinggg day :/ There was a lot of snow.

the overlook at the ridge

So we woke up to these kiddos “cooking”

spatulas in hand and ready to cook

We headed outside and were immediately enveloped with all kinds of kiddies skiing down the bunny slope.

taking a break....awww

and then they got tired

a little tired, much??

A break to hold my hunny

we were verrrrrry bundled up :)

Do you like my outfit? I was really warm (most of the day), but once the wind blew and the icy frost enveloped us on the ski lifts, I majorly suffered.

Oh, and then my bladder was full and I continued to suffer until lunchtime began (anyone else have a completely tiny bladder like me??? My husband thinks I am nut as to how often I need to use the restroom. haha). I think I almost wet my pants–it was bad! But I made it and then proceeded to make a fabulous lunch for myself-it was seriously amazing.

delish salad

blue cheese + tons of spinach + blackberries + grapes + roasted almonds

all together now

spinach dip + pita chips + bagelwich

I was warm and full and ready to hit the slopes again!  My workout was skiing all day long and I loved it :)

more snowwwwww

<3 I heart skiing <3

We had dinner (delicious veggie burgers) and now am munching twizzlers :)

I love these babies

Have a great night!

Do you love snow?? Don’t you love the munchkins on skis??

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  1. It snows here 6 months out of the flipping year. I love snow from October to December. Then I start to feel a little CaRaZy 😉

    I’m diggin the twizzlers too…

  2. I have a small bladder problem too, which turns into a HUGE bladder problem when you are skiing! It’s such a hassle to shift over to a lodge PLUS all the undressing. not pretty. lol i feel ya!

  3. Caroline says:

    skiing is the best! Especially when you are with family.

  4. those kids are soooo cute! I love skiing! :)

  5. That salad looks amazing. I can’t do the whole ski thing but I looove sleds.



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