Snow, Snow Everywhere

Hey friends! Day 1 of skiing was a SUCCESS. Especially after all that food was put away and (some consumed already).

I mean how can it not be successful, dressed like this?

my the PINK getup

Or this:

his ears are gonna be warm!

The day was beautiful, the company better, and the skiing simply magnificent.

I love skiing. Have I ever mentioned that?

I also love my family. A lot. Oh and my husband- he’s the bombdotcom.

and my hottie

The day was seriously awesome. Kind of windy in the a.m., but it calmed down and I was warm with my getup:

mostly bundelled up

my husband is a boarder--I do forgive him for it ;)

My sista and I spent a lot of time hittin’ the slopes today. The husband boarded. Only he and another brother-in-law board…..this is kind of a touchy subject in my family….the controversy between boarders and skiiers 😉

me and the sista- totally warm on the slopes!

After skiing ALL day (9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with 1 hour break for lunch), showering, and napping, dinner was served. My sister-in-law made it and it was ahhhhhmazing:

Mexican infused dinner

Up close:

mmmmm SALAD!!

I love me some beans + lime + sour cream + lots of lettuce + salsa!!

And for my mom’s birthday, we presented awesome presents and dessert (my fav!!)

totally incredible

I love ice cream + caramel. It was SO yumm. I was stuffed by the end though.

Okay, I am totally wiped out–you can just know that skiing was my workout for the day- esp because it was allllll day long :)

And I am just going to hang with my family for the rest of the evening…g’night :)

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  1. I am so jealous of your skiing! I live in Vermont, but I currently live in New Zealand. yep, no skiing here. and its my favorite type of winter exercise!

  2. That salad looks awesome! I totally love corn in salad :)


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