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Hey friends!! I am glad you loved the nut butter….it really is amazing…go and make it-so easy! Okay, I am right at the slopes right this second at our cabin….just iiiittttccchhhing to get out and ski!! Today was full of prep for the skiing vacay with the whole famdamily (yes I did that on purpose- say it out loud, it is fun). They made it in (well we’re waiting on a few more) and we did a lot today.

But first, after a killer workout (10 mins of walking + sprints, 40 minutes stairs, 10 mins abs—rockin!), I showered and ate this:

St Patty's breakfast of champs

I love my some oatmeal. Oats + homemade nut butter + lite soy milk + water + jam + St. Patty’s table runner :)

up close....and yummy

After fueling up and packing last minute stuff, we were off to meet part of the fam to shop at Costco, Sams, and Target. Yep, feeding 25 people is NO joke (my family is about 25, b/c I have 9 siblings and some of them are married with kids)

he drove, I sat

part of the goods:

a 1/16th of our purchases...

we filled 3 cars. Yes THREE with food and luggage- thanks to the papa and mama–we got TONS of great food (stay tuned for pics)

we eventually stuck the TP on.....US. Our laps. Yippeee

Stock full of food, that was us and our cars.

We did make it up the canyon after getting needed skis and rentals (some needed, some own them)

some more

We made it!

outside my window...check out the snow!!

We ate dinner (spaghetti) and now we’re chillin’ and watchin’ March Madness….Have a great night and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! Don’t worry, tomorrow I will be back with a ski post :)

What are you doing to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day??

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  1. PB&J oatmeal is my fave! I miss snow…



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