Fun with the Sista + Nut Butter

I am so glad you all love your sandwiches too :) I really am in love with my wedding presents (that came in the form of kitchen gadgets). Add to the list : food processor. Yep, I finally made NUT BUTTER!!! Katie suggested making it because it is so easy and yummy….I didn’t believe her until we tried it ourselves today!

Check this out:

cinnamon vanilla cashew almond butter

This got all mixed up in the food processor : almonds + cashews + vanilla + salt + cinnamon

up close....yummmmy

toward the end --almost all creamy

mmmmm birds eye view

This was an AMAZING combo!!! I heart my food processor <3

Look what else we made:

after a few minutes of mixing

Chocolate almond butter!!!

chocolate almond butter at the end

This too was an INCREDIBLE combo. My husband and sista (aka sister) loved this one the best.

It was cocoa powder + almonds + salt + brown sugar. It was really good, but I am partial to cinnamon ANYthing :)

In other news from today:  we ate lunch at Cafe Rio (chicken salad deliciousness), saw Tangled in 3D (loooove), and ate frozen yogurt (double love). We attended a Zumba class in the a.m. and I taught a BodyPUMP class in the p.m. (and she came with me to both–loved having her work out with me!!)

waiting for the movie Tangled (go see it/buy it!!)

we are nerds... ;)

it was totally empty when we got there! Yah middle of the afternoon movies :)

all empty....

in our cool glasses

um sexy glasses, no??

And everyone needs frozen yogurt in the middle of the week :)

soooooooo good

In the mix : dulce de leche, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, praline + butterscotch chips + toffee bits + caramel

up close- with everything in my bowl!

I am tellin ya, when I want frozen yogurt, I want IT to be fabulous. And this was amazing. nuff said.

Okay friends, this was an amazing day, but it always is when I spend it with my sista!!

We’re off tomorrow to skiiiiii with my entire family :) (and that is a lot of people) SO stoked. Catch ya tomorrow!

Have you made nut butter? Do you love spending time with your sister, and what do you all do together??

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  1. i am a fan of anything cinnamon, too! I am currently living in New Zealand for 5 months, and I thought I could live without it…I didn’t last 2 weeks! lol that looks yummy for sure. and it made me miss my sister :)

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Girl you take making nut butter to a whole new level! Challenge accepted for my next batch 😉

    So easy right??? You’ll probably never buy it again now that you know you can make it at home!

    I have been asking my hubby to take me for fro-yo for a few weeks now but we’ve just not gotten around to it. This weekend it’s going to happen for us. It sounds like you had a FANTASTIC day!

    Can’t wait to see your skiing adventure!

  3. Yum. That nut butter looks delicious.

  4. Those do look sooooo good! I need to make my own nutbutters too.

    Your sis and you remind me of how my sis & I are with each other. Pure goofy love.


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