Sandwich love

Thanks for all your kind congratulations and such yesterday-that totally made it even cooler :) Yes, I get to be a wellness coach….now on to finding that job!

Okay, so on the theme of wedding presents, I have another confession akin to the waffle maker story to make. I love sandwiches now. I used to hate them, especially when I used to think there were “too many carbs (or calories) in TWO pieces of bread” to have a sandwich.  What was I thinking?!!

Enter in the amazing sandwich:

all about the panini maker

Okay, okay. I forgot to mention that the Panini maker (we got as a wedding present!) is paramount to the sandwich obsession. The panini maker takes a perfectly normal bread + turkey + cheese + spices + spinach combo and melts it into a mouth-watering meal!



Check it out! It really is just a beautimus piece of work.

Oh and can’t forget:

it's best with a salad!

Salad + Panini Sandwich = Perfection!


did I mention the oooey gooey cheese inside?

Yes, it was incredibly delicious. Mouth watering. Finger-lickin’ good, actually :)

If you have money to spare or are getting married soon, you MUST have a panini maker. It is definitely a “Need.”  😉  Oh, and my sister (who happens to be flying in TONIGHT!! SOOO excited!), bought her husband a panini maker for his birthday one year. Not sure if he or she uses it more. haha. Really, I am not sure…I’ll have to ask her!

My husband and I eat panini sandwiches at LEAST once a week. Maybe I am lazy? But I prefer to just categorize it as “a meal that is so simple yet so perfected….why change it?”

But once again, I might just be lazy :)

Have a great day friends– mine began with teaching a BodyPUMP class (sooo fun!! I <3 this, and I am already sore- what, what?!) and completing some crazy errands all over the place– now on to cleaning and other chores, yippppeee!

Do you own a Panini Maker? Are you obsessed with sandwiches too?


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  1. I’m definitely a sandwich freak! I have at least one sandwich a day…even though it’s usually PB & J :) I have a cast iron panini press that presses down the sandwiches when they cook on the pan…no grill marks but it does a great job. The paninis always come out super crispy!

  2. beautimus…love it….hah

    We got a panini maker for our wedding! I LOVE making peanut butter, honey and banana paninis when I am feeling the need for a devilish treat. SO good…

    I use the panini maker about once or twice a month…come to think of it I haven’t used it in a while…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 😉

  3. I gotta admit that reading this made me feel a little guilty. We got a panini press as a wedding gift too and we have yet to use it! You’ve inspired me to plug that baby in and whip up a fabulous sandwich!

  4. I am such a sandwich person. I use to shop solely for sandwich items and just live off that. Glorious

  5. my high school cafeteria got a panini press and everyone went crazy for it: seriously long lines and burned-on cheese every day. there is nothing like a hot sandwich!

  6. PS I must admit I was definitely that person that shyed away from bread because I had this idea that bread was VERY unhealthy. Evil carbs and all that garbage! I’m so glad I’ve changed my thinking!

  7. I ADORE making gourmet grilled cheese on my george forman back in the states. i miss that puppy here in New Zealand!


  1. […] fantastic.  I cannot wait to recreate this sandwich at home!  Annette challenged me to use my panini maker more often and I think I will do just that…starting with this!  I shall call it “The […]



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