Baking Disaster

Hey friends. Happy one hour later day….I slept in to avoid any major problems. It worked! Oh, but want to see a baking disaster at its finest?? I thought so.

pouf! It is overflowing...

I tried to make a jello angel-food cake….yah that turned out fabulous, don’t you think?

look at those pieces below in the oven...

It smelled REALLY bad in our kitchen. Like burnt jell-o actually….weird how that happened, eh?

major fail

I guess you aren’t considered a great baker until you fail at least once in the kitchen…..At least that is what I am hoping. I mean Jessica has had a few baking fails before, and she is the queen of baked goods (seriously you drool over every picture she posts….yumm!)

tipped upside down, with (blue) strawberries on top

Anyways, we ate it. Of course we did! Β Are you surprised?! And it was delicious. Really, it was.

not tooooo bad up close, eh??

See, you can’t judge a book by its cover. And you shouldn’t judge yourself. Or others. Or cakes. I am a real baker now. Or at least that is what I am telling myself now….

Oh, in other news, I got a haircut! Yah :)

new haircut, weird smile

And that my friends, wraps up a fabulous Sunday. Have a great rest of your night!

What is your biggest baking/cooking fail??? I can’t wait to read these….. πŸ˜‰

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  1. don’t worry about baking fails, they happen to me, all the time! Just this morning i had a pancake fail (but gobbled them all up!)

  2. Alicia Baer says:

    Lets just say something’ caught on fire! haha I love your hair so cute you are beautiful as always!!!!



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