Weekend Love

I love the weekends!!! Did anyone celebrate cookie Friday yesterday? I wish I had…..I guess eating a piece of chocolate sort of counts, right?

Anyways, SO glad the weekend is here and I can spend an extra good time with the husband. Yesterday was full of to-dos and errands. Plus that fun post I wrote and just HAD to get out there (thanks for listening/reading!) And I took a Zumba class (looooveeee) and later in the afternoon taught a BodyPUMP class (major love- serious energy yesterday!). I do get sort of sore by the end of the week, as you can imagine :) Hopefully I will attend a Yoga class before I teach Zumba today….what say ye?? I think I need some Yoga in my life to release my really tense muscles.

mmmmm Yoga

Otherwise we have a pretty caRazY Saturday packed full of friends, yummy food, and being with each other. Am I such a sap that I really, truly miss my husband when he is gone at work? I guess maybe just ’cause I am part-time employed right now, and finishing my certification as a Wellness Coach (yah!!!) and am at home with out him for a lot of the day :(

**I am just going to through this out there:  if you hear of any job openings (anywhere!!!) that include the titles “fitness specialist” “wellness or health coach” “health promotion coordinator” or “corporate health” –let me know!!!! I am obviously looking for a full-time position and if you hear of anything in this awesome economy….let me know :)**

breakfast (guess what I had today?!!):

oatmeal + jam + cinnamon!!

I love me my oatmeal. Oh and an orange (fruit is nature’s candy, ya know!)

part of it was already eaten...

I sometimes MUST pop something into my mouth from sheer hunger and also, I get impatient with cameras and such. Such a lovely weakness of mine, I know :)

all together NOW!

I love my new St Patty table runner, don’t you?! Okay, I am off to finish my Zumba playlist! We shall see if I hit that yoga class or not….

What did YOU have for breakfast this morning??

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  1. Yes you are a sap for missing your husband but there’s nothing wrong with that honey!
    I had to work a double shift on Thursday and felt the need to call my hubby twice just to tell him I loved him.
    Being sappy is a quality that I hope we have when we’ve been married for 25 years you know?
    PS You know what I had for breakfast! Heavenly pancakes!

  2. I had a cinnamon raison bagel! :)



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