Loving Ourselves

Hey friends, Happy FRIDAY!! — loved your thoughts both yesterday and Wednesday btw :) I have had some shenanigans on my mind, so I guess here it is! So, Mother Teresa once said, ” If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” This applies to judging/loving others, of course, but also, loving and judging OURSELVES. Think about it. If we sit there and judge ourselves and think really mean thoughts (aka what Caitlin calls “fat talk”), we have NO time to love ourselves! That is a scary thought indeed.

Would you say those mean things you’ve said to yourself to someone else? I don’t think so. I am as determined as YOU are to get rid of negative self-talk (aka “fat talk” in the world of fitness, health, beauty)— btw over at Teri’s blog something similar was recently discussed, check it out—so let’s pledge to get rid of this negative self image crap and love ourselves! Because we are amazing creatures :)

I am lucky I look similar to my beautiful sister :)

Next time we have a negative thought pop in our heads, let’s try this (I do it too!):

  • decide right then and there what we’re thankful for
  • tell ourself “I love you”
  • Smile, laugh, or shake our booty (it helps) in front of a mirror
  • get dressed in our favorite outfit
  • give someone else a compliment
  • then give ourself a compliment in our head

it's all about the love, friends!

Try it! It really works to rid our brains of such negative, self-defeating, and unhealthy behavior. We all might get jealous once in awhile (hello we’re human!!), but turn that jealousy into an appreciation for who YOU are and what YOU can do, and you’ll be amazed at the love you feel. Love ourselves as our husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends, siblings love us. Why is this such a hard concept?? Forget about comparing yourself or judging others–that only produces negative emotions, hurt feelings and possibly, eventual unhealthy “fat talk”.

being silly.....uhhhh we're not doctors, don't worry

LOVE is the key ingredient to feeling sexy, confident, and happy.  Loving and being at peace with ourselves are always an emotional roller coaster, but ride it out with me, and I promise we’ll enjoy our healthy lives more, laugh longer, and have deeper, more intimate relationships that last :) It really all begins with loving yourself. So don’t judge. Love. Same applies to everyone else you see today– I am pledging to do this as best I can too!

So in addition to what Mother Teresa so perfectly noted, let me say it this way :” if you judge yourself, you have no time to love yourself” (totally in my words!)

he helps me love myself because he believes in me :)

I am so determined to live like this, who’s with me?? None of this comparing myself to magazine pictures, those women in their cars/on the streets I used to envy, or even friends who might look ‘better’ than me. I am done with being envious, jealous, or critical of another, because honestly, it is just hurting myself and is only stemming from my own insecurities.

I hope my honesty/shenanigans struck a cord with some of you, because I am saddened by how many of us live daily with our jealousy, judgemental, and critical natures (check the news in case you’re wondering where I got that from). Love :) I am off to go do Zumba and a bazillion errands–catch ya later!

So, you tell me, how do YOU deal with those judgemental thoughts in your head?? And what are YOU going to do today to show you love yourself?

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  1. I love this post! It’s so true…we are so often our own worst enemies. We would never stay friends with people who talked to us the way that we sometimes talk to ourselves.

    Spread the love!

  2. I needed to read this: thanks!


  1. […] This is kind of what I want to touch on. As a society women are bombarded with messages to be skinny, to lose weight, to drop a dress size, to eat soup all day, etc. etc. But all for WHAT?! Is it because we want to look better than someone else? Or because we don’t love ourselves (yet)? […]



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