Breakfast for Dinner?

Any of you ever really have a hankering for something you HAVE to have? Also known as a craving, yes, I know. But I really wanted to say “hankering.” Glad I could get that out there 😉 A healthy life is one that is balanced and allows for cravings, small indulgences, and days where you just eat what you want. Even if it is NOT traditional. I never ate breakfast foods for dinner growing up-we always had a pasta/rice, meat, and vegetable dinner. Always. My mom is from Switzerland and the only sugar they consume there was in the form of chocolate. And who eats chocolate for dinner?? (Okay maybe I have before. It is okay. Just layin’ it all out there)

So I digressed….what was my hankering last night you wonder….okay maybe you don’t care, but I am going to share anyways, because it was amazing. I said “mmmmm” to like every bite-I think this slightly annoyed my husband. Okay maybe not- he is that amazing, friends.

Fiber-rich pancakes!

Pancakes!!! Topped with butterscotch chips (thanks to Tina’s love for them too, I started buying them and looooove them!)

Oh and don’t forget this:

toppings for 'em

ALMOND BUTTER! I had jam out, but ended up never topping them with jam….because I love me some honey :)

my favorite kind of honey (from Germany)

Honig = Honey (German for Honey). My mom always gifts me my favorite honey when I come home to visit and I brought it back with us. I love my German/Swiss/Austrian honey. it is seriously. the. best. handsdown. You haven’t had honey until you’ve had this. It is sweet, but not overly sweet, has a hint of mountain bee action, and is sooo creamy. I am in love. My husband already knows this.

Once, I dropped a jar of my favorite honey and because it is glass it shattered. The whole thing had to be thrown away (and it was only 1/4 gone!!) I cried. I did. I cried. Am I insane? I cried over a jar of honey. But now you see why I love it?! You could prob find it in any international store….

I loved this dinner….so made out of love, desire, and “hankerings”

gobbled up---soooo good

That would be the end of the marvelous pancakes with a smear of Almond Butter on top. YUMMERS. The recipe for this deliciousness? A good ole’ box of Fiber One Pancake Mix.


Plus a few add ins : Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Chocolate Protein Powder, a few butterscotch chips.

My husband liked them too. YAH.  I have never been happier with a random purchase from Target. I always leave Target with something veryyy random in my cart–I think I might not be the only one, am I right? :)

As for a workout, I danced some Zumba with my little sister last night via Ichat. You should try that sometime– it is super fun to watch someone else smiling, shakin’ it, and sweatin’ it up with you through the computer screen. Oh the bonds of sisterhood through the wonderful ways of a computer-thank you Steve Jobs!

What about you, are you a traditional dinner food eater or do you roll with what YOU want??

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  1. Butterscotch chips are the BEST!!!!!

  2. I love having breakfast for dinner and don’t do it too often!! You have me craving pancakes now!

    Just discovered your blog today and it looks great!

  3. Caroline says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Breakfast for dinner was a totally new concept for me when I went to college. It’s fun to do but we are more traditional dinner eaters…

  4. I am definitely a fan of the “Eat what you crave” concept…95% of the time if I tell myself I shouldn’t eat something and then make a different meal, I am completely disappointed with the meal I chose OVER my craving. The body wants what it wants for a reason I think! The cakes look awesome…I’m planning a saturday morning cake fest this saturday now 😉

    PS I am a honey FREAK. I am very curious about the honey you speak of… :)

  5. i love breakfast for dinner because its comforting and somewhat rebellious! how fun :)

  6. I love breakfast for dinner. My dad hates pancakes, so when we were kids my mom would whip up a batch of pancakes for dinner whenever my dad was away – still gives me the warm & fuzzies when I think about it :-)

  7. i LOVE breakfast for dinner! dare is ay even better than regular dinner?… pancakes are THE BEST!

  8. Breakfast for dinner is seriously my favorite! I was just dreaming about it yesterday in fact!



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