Apple of my Eye

crunchy apple = SCORE!

If I am going to eat an apple, it had better be crunchy. That is all.

Oh and it had better have some Almond Butter on it too.

apple + AB blob

I love me some Almond Butter. I think I have had it twice today already (already because who knows if I have it for a snack lata…) Who does that?! Anyone? Maybe I am obsessed with it because I dislike Peanut Butter and I want to have some kind of nut butter I can handle. But, who knew that there were SO many different kinds on the market. And that you could make your own nut butter?! I am so going to do this. That is on my March goal list : make my own nut butter. See, I am not as high maintenance as my siblings (all NINE of them think this of me….) thought.

What else is the apple of my eye, you might wonder? This guy:

my hottie (on his b-day, June 2010)

My husband and I are in love. Madly and deeply. I mean, we met under an apple tree for crying out loud, we have a fairytale that lives on daily (yes I can be mushy sometimes…okay so a lot of the time). That is something else I need every day. His love :)

Oh and this, also an apple to my eye—a gym session!!

all nice and schweaattty

These amazing people:

my amazing parents. They are incredible!

my family is one the left, husband’s family on the right! <3

What does APple of My Eye mean anyways?? said: “Figuratively it is something, or more usually someone, cherished above others.” See, now you have it. There are a few things that are the apple of my eye, okay. Geez, you’re learning a lot about me today, eh?? Do you forgive me for having more than one apple of my eye? And hearing so much about me? Well, g-night friends :) BodyPUMP teachin’ in the morn, can’t wait!!

What is the Apple of YOUR eye?

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  1. I can’t believe you don’t like peanut butter! That blows my mind…But coming from a peanut butter ADDICT I might be a tad biased!

    I am SO excited to hear about your nut butter excursion…It takes about 10-15 minutes TOPS…You will giggle at yourself once you’re done because you won’t believe you waited this long to do it…I don’t think I will ever buy regular (and by regular I mean natural) peanut butter again!

    The apple of my eye is of course my hubby..It’s so cool that I get to live with my best friend for the rest of my life…He’s definitely a the CRUNCHY apple of my eye 😉



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