ABC’s of moi + Born This Way

Happy Monday, friends! :) If you missed me this weekend (I am sure you did), check out what I said about a healthy life, why weekends rock , and the importance of listening to your body. It was a fabulous weekend, but like you know, I am all about tackling Monday full speed. Oh, yesterday we had my little bro over and we ate spaghetti. YUMM.

I <3 spaghetti.

spaghetti with melted Grueyere Swiss cheese...mmmm

my husband loved it too-esp the cheese part!

So, I know you all want to know more about me, right? I thought so. You’ve seen some of these fun surveys going around the blog world, so here is mine. I saw it on Teri’s blog.


A. Age: 26

B. Bed size: Queen. I usually roll over and tend to push my husband toward the edge (not on purpose!). We might need a king someday.

C. Chore you dislike: putting away the dishes (my husband is a gem and puts them away for me!)

D. Dogs: none. I grew up with cats.

E. Essential start to your day: a great workout! I seriously love sweatin’ it up in the morning!

hot and sweaty in 'da mornin'!

F. Favorite color: PINK!!! I am a total girl.

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Height: 5’8″

with a friend...I tower over a lot of 'em (she is in 3 in heels!)

I. Instruments you play(ed): Piano, Violin, Flute. I currently now only play the piano. My violin teacher refused to teach me because I “wiggled” too much. I hated the flute because I had to stand still. Sense a trend here??

J. Job title: Group Exercise Instructor and almost Certified Wellness Coach, oh and I’m a Master (literally, I just finished my M.S. and am currently looking for a full time job!)

K. Kids: none yet. Love kids and hope to have some of my own one day!

L. Live: Provo, Utah currently.

M. Mom’s name: Annagreth (she immigrated to the states from Switzerland when she married my dad)

N. Nicknames: Nettie, Nettienut, Princess, Angel

O. Overnight hospital stays: when I was born?

P. Pet peeves: When slow drivers are in the fast lane! And I have to be behind them! Grrr. I also dislike it when I see unkind things happen to others.

Q. Quote from a movie: “Uhhhhh, Olympus would be that way.” –Disney’s Hercules (my all-time fav movie)

I LOVE this movie!!

R. Righty or lefty: Righty baby

S. Siblings: I have NINE (yes 9) siblings. 4 brothers, 5 sisters and we are all SUPER close. Can’t wait to ski with them in a week & ½!

T. Time you wake up: weekdays + Saturdays: 6:48 or 7:27 (depending on the day) and Sundays: whenever I want!!

U. Underwear: It is a daily indulgence 😉

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Mushrooms (if that even counts, they are fungus, people!!) and olives (ummm not really a veggie either) and avocado (that is a fruit) and yikes……I guess I don’t love potatoes. I am strikin’ out on this one—seems like ‘real’ veggies I like.

W. What makes you run late: Me and my tendency to THINK I am ready to leave but then I remember I left the flat iron on, my earrings aren’t in yet, and I can’t find my keys. My husband loves this about me (not) 😉

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth. Toes (I broke it doing gymnastics).

Y. Yummy food you make: Oatmeal. Cookie dough. Enchiladas. Salads.


Z. Zoo animal favorites: Lions. Tigers. And Bears. (seriously!) Oh and flamingos–b/c they’re pink, duh!

YOUR turn, answer E (essential start to day), F (Fav color), V (vegetable you dislike). GO!!

***OF INTEREST—-Born This WAY: Caitlin posted this AMAZING Youtube video of a very talented man. He does all his own lyrics, sounds, and singing. WOW. Check out his version of Born This Way HERE. Caitlin is the head of Operation Beautiful, a wonderful organization that helps women see their beauty (and to not be defined by anyone or any magazine). I love the message. Check it out, you’ll be very glad you did :)

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  1. I completely agree. I go bonkers when there is some one driving really slow in the fast lane.

  2. 9 siblings! Good grief! That is incredible…

    Essential Start to the Day-Cardio workout & Bowl o’ Amazing Cereal!

    Fav color-Red

    Veg I dislike-Raw spinach and artichokes

  3. Caroline says:

    “Whats the matter with these scissors?!”

    E: Spinach smoothie
    F: Green
    V: artichokes and brussel sprouts= double yuck.

  4. Heyyyy! Would you be interested if I planned a Utah meetup for bloggers/readers in our lil’ circle?

  5. E (essential start to day): brushing my teeth
    F (Fav color): purple
    V (vegetable you dislike): spinach.


  6. i love you so much you are the best ever had and i miss you a lot of you and i am so proud of you do work and your husband that is awesome i love when you are so funny today you are so cute and funny and i have fun with you and spend together and i am so happy for you and i love my family and you are so cute face ever and you are so pretty nice to me but i went you to listen and be good OK thanks and i love you and i miss you so much and your husband too and i love it so much tell everyone post to me on my blog be fine of that be good of that too so thanks


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