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Hey friends-happy weekend! Last night I wrote this post, on how thoughts are beyond powerful-check it out. It may change your viewpoint. It may not. But check it out anyway, because I poured my self out on the computer keyboard. (not literally, only figuratively)

Hope you have started the weekend off right….by either sleeping in, getting in a good, quality workout (I taught BodyPUMP last night), enjoying a delicious breakfast, or being lazy (or all of the above). A weekend to me is always a true weekend if I watched a movie–is that odd?  When I was little we watched movies on the weekend–it was entertaining and fun, after all the chores were done of course. When I was in college I never ever allowed myself to watch movies during the week because I knew there was always more homework to do, papers to write, or the books to study. I went on a lot of dates but most of them were on the weekend….and thus the weekend = movie fetish continued!


So last night, after I taught BodyPUMP my husband and I ate dinner together (leftover fish tacos) and then watched a very intense, thriller with our neighbors. The movie was called “State of Play” with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. It was very entertaining, a bit scary, and quite mind blowing. Whenever I watch movies like that, those that make me step back and think about our government, politics, dishonesty, and corrupt officials, I always wonder how we are really kept safe from so many scumbags? Honestly, who can we trust? I don’t want to discuss politics at all, but seeing movies that lead you to believe there are those who want you to be scammed, cheated, or played in “real life” is problematic, scary, and downright inhumane. What would the world be like if we were all honest?! Crazy thought, I know. I know I can be better at being completely honest in everything I do or say! I think it is truly healthy when we’re truthful to both ourselves and our peers/family/coworkers–what say ye??

So after a light workout at the gym this morning, I hit up some breakfast.

oatmeal + Gerber daisy

Today is going to be a day of getting things done, how about for you? I am excited it is the weekend and I can spend some extra quality time with my husband :) Here is a picture of us, just for good measure (and everyone loves pictures,right?!)

in April 2010, the husband graduated in Economics

How about you, what constitutes a TRUE weekend in your eyes??

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  1. To me a TRUE weekend consists of my husband and I waking up without an alarm clock, pancakes on saturday, saturday afternoon grocery shopping, saturday evening tv/movie night, and sunday sports(him) and preparing food for the week(me). There is nothing better!

  2. I don’t have particular weekend routines, but Saturday evening is when my husband and I see our friends, and Sundays we devote to long walks and whole-day playing with our baby-boy, which is excellent substitute for exercising :)

  3. I don’t have any set routine either. We tend to take it day by day. :)

  4. Caroline says:

    WHY didn’t you tell me that you have a new blog?! I love the design!
    I know what you mean about movies being on the weekend only. Now if I watch a movie on a week day I feel like I am breaking rules and living on the wild side!


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