Thoughts. Yes I do have them :) Even on a Friday night-brain is not fried yet! Me and the husband are going to go watch a movie with friends later, so I decided to write down a few things I’ve been thinking & contemplating about, and finally decided I should just go ahead and write about it and see what the responses are and if you agree with me (it is totally fine if you don’t, by the way).

First of all, isn’t this a beauty:

Swiss alps (where my mother is from)--June 2010

I just had to get that out there. You will often see random pics from Switzerland because that is where my heart, soul, blood, and chocolate fetish come from :) (I am 70ish% Swiss as my mom is from there and my dad’s side comes from Switzerland too! caaa-razy!)

I digress. Thoughts. They are an important aspect of life. Everything stems from thoughts. Everything. Think about it, what you had for breakfast came because you first thought about it, then you decided, then you acted. But that breakfast became because of/from a thought. My thought this morning was I want breakfast and fast. So I decided what would be quick to make, then I made it, then I ate it. Walah. Thoughts came first, the result was what the thought(s) became.

Therefore, our thoughts are POWERFUL beyond reason. If we think we’re confident, strong, sexy, lovable, fat, unwanted, etc. those thoughts will become who we are and will define us. That is an incredible thought (haha, pun intended)….this means that whatever you want to be, do, or become, you must first think it and believe it (and work on it) and those thoughts will become who YOU are. That is why negative thoughts and self talk (Caitlin’s blog is amazing to help understand it) is so detrimental. It can destroy self-image, body confidence, and personal self-worth. Negative thoughts are so destructive and can lead to unhealthy behaviors, unfulfilled dreams, and tragically, even death.

I know how detrimental those thoughts can be because I wasted several years, suffering from negative thoughts of how I was ugly, fat, unworthy, not loved, etc etc. Constantly putting myself down in my head was NOT healthy. Those negative and unworthy thoughts were killing me softly and slowly, and I became unhappy and almost hermit like. I pretended on the outside that I was fine and happy, but on the inside I was being eaten ALIVE by my VERY OWN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!! How backwards and awful is that?! I was defining my worth by those negative thoughts. And those thoughts were becoming actions and I was engaging in VERY unhealthy disordered eating.

I am now in a place in my life where the complete opposite is true. I am NOT defined by my negative thoughts any more and my worth is NOT based on what negative thoughts are floating around in my head. I am at peace, I am happy, and I am truly healthy, because my thoughts are (mostly) positive and healthy.

Because this is so powerful (we saw my negative example), guess what could happen if we all stepped back, THOUGHT, and acted on those positive thoughts? Like “I will own the gym today.” Or “I look freakin’ hot today.” Or “I am so lucky to have ____ in my life.” Or “I CAN lift that heavy weight and do all those reps during BodyPUMP.”  Flip the negative and make it positive…now THAT is healthy. and powerful. and mind-blowing amazing :)

You will become what you think about. You are already the result of your thoughts and those actions taken because of those thoughts. We are who we are because of the time we’ve spent thinking about “who we define ourselves as being” (whether it be negative or positive or whether it be being defined by a Deity or Higher Being….for me it is God, or Heavenly Father). So be wary of your thoughts, monitor them, because that is WHO you are becoming! (Plus, if you think about things you really want and concentrate on visualizing it, you will get it. See THIS POST for more info on that).

And on that note, I have some VERY positive thoughts about Swiss chocolate sitting in our cupboard…..those thoughts will probably turn into an action pretty soon here……:) Enjoy your Friday!

What do YOU think, are thoughts really where it all begins?? And what positive thought do you have about yourself? let’s hear’ em!!

**I say, yes, thoughts are where it begins. And a positive thought about myself that I love to say/think is, “I am sexy and strong” :)

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