Colorful Lunch

Hey guys! I’ve been running errands (Costco, library, work) and then took aΒ Zumba class ….. so I just came home totally famished. Enter the amazing, filling, and colorful Friday lunch:

Love me some salad

tuna fish pita!

I love colorful foods! Like I said, I came home hungry and whipped this tasty lunch up in no time.

In the salad:

  • romaine lettuce
  • red peppers chopped
  • strawberries
  • purple onion chopped
  • smoked gouda (on top)
  • poppyseed dressing (on top)

In the pita:

  • half whole wheat pita (I like my pitas, like a lot!)
  • tuna (from a can) –extra protein punch to lunch!!
  • 1 T miracle whip, 2 T spicy mustard
  • celery
  • smoked gouda, shredded

all together NOW

I am sufficiently satisfied and happy–which is what happens when I eat high water-dense foods :) I love that it is almost Spring….because I really start to crave salads, colorful fruits, and fish. WHAT do YOU crave when Spring time rolls around?

Anyone else happy it is Friday? I have a pretty relaxing weekend coming up and I hope to spend more time with my husband. He is working a lot and I miss him….plus it doesn’t help that I only work part time right now and am doing my certification (to become a Certified Wellness Coach) so I can get extremely bored during the day. Even though there is a lot to do. Weird, I know. Sometimes when I have SO many things I want to do, or that SHOULD be done, I am less productive when I have MORE time to kill. I wonder if anyone else experiences this weird phenomenon? For example, doing my Graduate work, I would procrastinate the really huge papers (NOT my fault….I just had a lot on my plate + planning a wedding!) so then I would be super crunched for time to finish the paper at the end of the semester. I would then ace the paper and be fine……and then do it ALL over again the next semester. Did I ever learn? NOPE. I finished the final draft of my Master’s thesis in less than a month. Yep. Now looking back on it, that was Ca-R-Azy!

I will tell you what is crazy—me getting some of that certification work done before going to go teach BodyPUMP. I am going to sip some water full of lime, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils…..mmmm. It is invigorating and might help me get more done- what do you think? Okay, holler if you have a lot to do before the weekend begins!

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  1. I could definitely get behind that salad and pita! I love salads during spring time – the crisp and cool tastes of the veggies just fit with the season!

  2. JUST found your blog and am glad I did!

    This is me hollering at the top of my lungs! My to do list consists of (mostly) fund stuff though…I hate when I have a to do list the size of my arm…I get pretty grumpy!

    PS love the salad!

  3. Hi I just found your blog. Seems like it’s always warm enough in TX to be spring so I drink A LOT of smoothies!



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