Rest days

Hey friends, how is the middle of your week going? I am doing great– just getting some work done and doing some studying (I am certifying as a Wellness Coach—even though I worked as a health and wellness coach for almost 3 years, I wanted to do a nationally recognized certification…ya know, finishing my M.S. wasn’t enough and just because I am a geek like that! :) ) I am sure Gina is going to enjoy some Indian food today! Anyone else have fun Wednesday rituals? I always go to a fabulous Zumba class on Wednesday mornings!

I had a snack to take a break while studying–2 small slices of this bad boy:

whole wheat banana bread

I dislike bananas but love banana bread, weird, eh? I have other funny food preferences explained HERE and HERE! My husband is so great to put up with all my weird-o food dislikes and likes. I for one would totally eat purple cabbage with some ketchup and seasonings but dislike cookie dough and coffee flavored anything.

Rest Days

Enough about my crazed likes/dislikes and on to a fun and debatable topic: Rest days during training. Did you know that the body is designed and functions most optimally when it receives TOTAL rest at least once every 7 days or every 48-72 hours? Rest means that you’re resting from normal activity and not doing anything very physically active or are not actively training (for whatever it is you’re training for). In addition, the body needs rest from any major muscle breakdown and building processes. This means that if you were to lift weight or attend a BodyPUMP class, it is ideal that you rest from strength training for at least 24 hours therafter.


beautiful (near my home)

Benefits of (a) Rest day(s):

  1. Allows muscles, tendons, joints, and mojo to relax and rejuvenate.
  2. Gives the body time to heal and restore.
  3. For mental reasons it helps to boost the desire to train. I find that by the end of the rest day I am excited and itching to return to my training
  4. Allows for other areas to be improved such as flexibility, housework, or family time :)
  5. It is fun, needed, and shown to improve training times and fitness levels.

What do YOU do on your rest day and which day is your rest day?

My rest day is Sunday and I usually sleep in (no early morning workout), spend extra time with the husband, attend church, visit friends/family, and if it is nice outside, go for a walk!

Well I am off to go teach some BodyPUMP, enjoy your evening :)

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  1. i don’t really work out too much so i don’t have much of a rest day…but i guess the day that i do rest MORE is sundays as well :)

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog! I love it :) Because of my schedule and taking classes at night, I have two rest days each week. Does that make me lazy?? On Monday and Thursday I sleep in, because sleep is important too! :)

    • I LOVE sleep!! Thanks for the nice compliment- totally made my day, so glad you stopped by…and NO you are not lazy for taking 2 rest days!


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