Busy, Busy. Why do we always say we are so busy? I guess because it makes us feel accomplished? Or we want others to notice it? I felt like this morning has been nonstop go-go-go since I got up, but in a good way. On the other hand, the afternoon isn’t very busy so why am I complaining? I don’t know! Caitlin has been crazy busy today too-go her, she is amazing!


love my oatmeal :)

oats + jam + lite vanilla soy milk + water + Almond Butter + flakes of whole grain cereal

Like I’ve said, I love my oats in the morning! I sometimes add protein powder, extra nuts, or cereal flakes to add some more somethin’ somethin’ :) I feel like oats really hold me over and so I don’t have to snack too often. I also think adding the Almond Butter is a huge part of that. Plus, I LOVE the taste of almond butter…just divine.

Well, I took a Zumba class this morning and it felt sooo good to shake it. I always have so much fun shakin’ my boot-ay, smiling tons, getting fit, and sweating buckets and buckets. Seriously, dancing is my way to release energy, smile, sweat, feel sexy, and have fun with a bunch of other women (and some men). Zumba is like a dance party on steroids! For a great post about it, check this out : HERE

My day is going to be awesome, because it started by dancing and with some oatmeal. I hope you have a fabulous day as well!

Any of you love to dance too-and what about it do you love??

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