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I really love fish. And Nemo (anyone catch that title?!) Almost all kinds of fish. I once had sardines and did not like them at. all. Neither does Tina it seems…. So tonight I wanted to use some of the frozen Tilapia we’ve had in our freezer and combine it to make my favorite type of food : Mexican (healthified Mexican-I don’t like all Mexican as I don’t eat red meat and don’t like guac. I know, I know. Weird)

fishy taco...mmm

Tilapia + refried beans + roasted onions + lime chipotle marinade + reduced fat sour cream + salsa + lime essential oil + whole wheat tortilla….SO yumm. I enjoyed every single last bite. I savored it.

sooo good

all rolled up!

mmmm the first bite!

I heart fish! And BodyPUMP . And healthy, yummy dinners. The husband enjoyed it too, score! He only sometimes likes fish…..only if it is very tasty and edible and doesn’t have bones in it. (The story behind that is that once I made fish that had small bones still in there….because it was fresh Alaskan salmon from my father that he caught. Whoops!)

Why is fish so good for you?

  1. healthy fats (omega 3’s baby -alpha linolenic. Body can’t manufacture these so it needs it from food sources or supplements
  2. protein–I need this tonight because of today’s workout
  3. tasty and diverse –because of the skin and protein makeup, fish can be marinated to taste like anything
  4. quick to cook–popped it in and 25 minutes it was done!
  5. filling and healthy!

Giveaway TIME!! TWO lovely ladies are giving away some fabulous treats and goodies. Check them out!

HERE (Chelsey)

HERE (Katie)

What is YOUR favorite way to enjoy fish??

Enjoy your evening, I am SO unplugging as I spent most of the day staring at a screen….boo! G-night!

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