The Best Dessert Ever

Okay maybe I am being a bit dramatic. EVER? Really?

To me health and being well means enjoying it all : the vegetables, the grains, the cheeses, the nuts, and the desserts. My husband (and family) can tell you my sweet tooth can sometimes be outrageous. Especially around a certain time. He knows not to get in the way of that certain time.

My favorite? Anything slatherd in caramel. Or a piece of quality Swiss chocolate (my Mom is Swiss-I have Swiss chocolate practically coursing through my veins….so when I want chocolate, it better be the good stuff!) I also LOVE a good, moist, soft, slightly chewy chocolate chip cookie (with milk chocolate chips). In addition I occasionally like ice cream (with caramel of course!) but it is more often frozen yogurt that I eat. I told you-I can NOT be denied my dessert when I really NEED it.

Tonight was the night I NEEDED it. And it needed to be decadent.



Doesn’t that look ahhhmazing? Yes it does. Gina ate this yesterday and I might have totally gotten the idea from her! Thanks Gina! Don’t mind if I (oh yeah, and the husband was enjoying it along with me) demolish this…..


mmmm delish!

Milk chocolate chip cookie dough baked at 325 for 11 minutes (slightly underdone) with caramel praline ice cream plopped on top. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Like a party in my mouth. I enjoyed EVERY bite. Back before I really understood what complete health meant, I would have been SO ashamed after eating this. Me, now? I am completely relishing in those moments of sticky, chocolate, and caramel stuck to the roof of my mouth. I just got a kiss from the husband….and it still tasted sickly sweet. YUMM.

the aftermath:


the remains.....zilch, nada, nothin'

Like I said, I ain’t jokin’ when it comes to dessert at the time I need it most :)

I am off to bed to dream about other creations I could create to match that rich, sweet, and amazing taste I just enjoyed!

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  1. I have long referred to cookie dough as “my favorite food” but I’ve never thought of this. I have to try it now!

  2. I have long referred to cookie dough as “my favorite food” but I’ve never thought of this. I have to try it now!

  3. I think youve got something good here. But what if you make a couple links to a page that backs up what youre saying? Or maybe you could give us something to look at


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