look at her! where, you ask….?

She was ALL ready to bloom last night. These were pictures of her last night. I was SO sad to go to bed because I couldn’t wait to greet her :)

there she is, standing tall and unopened

practically peeking out!

Well, she bloomed this morning, friends! She is beautiful!

Check the photos of what welcomed me :)

ta da!

sooo pretty

Welcome miss Emma back into the world.

hello there Emma

Lovely :)

Want to know why I am purely in love with my Emma? You see, my then-boyfriend (now husband) bought me an amaryllis back when we were dating about 15 months ago. I named her Amy:

with AMY the Amaryllis (Nov ’09)

his hair is short then! Amy on the right….

I went on a trip and my roommate did not water her properly….she ended up dying pretty quickly :( I was VERY sad. SO my then-boyfriend (now husband) sent me another bulb to my apartment. I opened her up and started gasping with excitement. I mourned the loss of Amy but rejoiced in the birth of EMMA.

My husband’s mother is a florist and decided to save both bulbs. Now both bulbs have been growing at our house (Amy and Emma), but only Emma made it. Amy somehow did not get enough sunlight but Emma did….go figure?

I love my flowers! My husband (as the son of a florist) knows how flowers make women melt. And I am a lucky lady because I get to have flowers ALL the time (his mom is very generous to him and thus, to me!)

On to Workout deets: 25 minutes stairs, 40 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes abs


love me some oatmeal :)

Enjoy your Monday, as I know I will, LOTS to do. And I am off!

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