Some for the Husband and Some for Me


legit cookie dough!!

I love my husband. A lot. So I make him Cookie Dough–all for him! (I bake a little bit to enjoy as cookie for us). I refuse to eat cookie dough-ick! But my husband is all about it. So, out of pure love I make him LEGIT cookie dough. All the fixins’: butter, eggs, refined sugar, lots of chocolate chips, etc.


cookie dough all for the man

Works like a charm. He loves me more every time. Seriously, the way to a man’s heart? his stomach. :)

This is all kind of a lie—–luckily my husband could care less what I cook him (which is great because it is not a stressful event for me to cook/bake). But he doesn’t mind biting into freshly made cookie dough or soft cookie right out of the oven…..

And what do I make for myself?


whole wheat banana bread

This is some tasty stuff!! I did add a few chocolate chips in for some sweetness. Everyone needs a little more chocolate in their life. Just sayin’ :)


hot bread? Yes please!

I was in a baking frenzy yesterday and it was marvelous to get some of that energy out in the kitchen. I could never be a bakerella because I get bored too quickly, so I go through spurts….and yesterday was just one. I was in the kitchen for like 2-3 hours doing different projects and meals. I felt really accomplished afterwards. The best part? Seeing the pure joy on my husband’s face when he came home from watching basketball with friends and he dug into the surprises in the kitchen :)

Do you love baking/cooking and spending time in the kitchen daily? Or do you go in spurts like me?

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