Almond Butter

Happy Weekend to you all :)

As I sat eating my breakfast after my workout (–I enjoy working out before breakfast : 45 min elliptical, 20 min stairs, 10 mins yoga poses–my body REALLY needed these poses-it felt soooo good to stretch!!), I looked into my bowl and realized I was eating a VERY non-traditional peanut butter and jam sandwich… a BOWL.

Odd, eh? I thought so.

Check it:


oats + jam + AB

I love my oats after a workout! In this bowl:

-old fashioned oats

chocolate protein powder

raspberry preserves

-almond butter

-granola/fruit flakes on top

-with a half eaten (other half went straight into my mouth!!) tangelo


mmmmmm I <3 AB! and oats! and jam!

get in mah belly!

Demolished in like 15 minutes flat!

Like I said, I was practically eating a very non-traditional PB and J. oats = bread AB = PB, rasp preserves = jam. The only thing with this, is that I actually hate Peanut Butter. There, I said it. I dislike its taste, the flavor, the smell (yuk!), the crunch. Yuk! Totally despise it.

I seriously get nauseous when my husband is spooning out some for his lunches……am I weird? Is this normal? I guess I don’t care, because I have found a great and delicious alternative : ALMOND BUTTER to the rescue!

Hope you all have a great Saturday-it feels good to get that off my chest and let you all know how I truly feel about Peanut Butter 😉 I hope I did not offend anyone, however. This is just my preference!

What is your favorite nut butter? And if any, which nut butter do you dislike?

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  1. What a beautiful site! Love your layout. Killer workout!

    And yes, doesn’t Almond Butter make everything better? I’m obsessed…


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