Shake it

That is exactly what I did last night and this morning….shook it at Zumba :) I taught a class last night and took a class this morning. Oh, Zumba how I love thee!!

The key, friends, to starting a great weekend is by 1. shaking it (you know what “it” means….if not, just ask!), enjoying some 2. delicious food:

oats + jam = love

and 3. spending time with loved ones!

I am going to be doing all three. Shakin’ it (check, check!), delicious food (1/2 check…more tonight and tomorrow!!), spending time with loved ones (will be checked off tonight!) I am in no way just “checking” items off a list, by the way, I truly and seriously enjoy each and every opportunity I get to shake it, cuddle with the husband, or stick yummy, nutritious food into mah belly! I am just saying “check” to emphasize the fact that all THREE are my musts for a great weekend :)

It is seriously crucial for a healthy body to sweat, smile, and love. At least that is my philosophy. SO, I ask YOU, will you be doing those three this weekend? Happy Friday!

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