Steady State Cardio

I get a lot of questions about how to lose weight, gain muscle, get lean, get fitter, etc. as a fitness instructor. The most common question I get asked is “is it bad to run/ellipticize/bike/swim at the same speed for over 30 minutes?”

The reason such questions is asked is because the world of fitness, health, and total wellness is constantly in flux. It is a world of change as new studies are published, new science is revealed, and more knowledge is learned. Knowledge IS power :)

On that note, because there are opinions everywhere on every part of fitness, I will just share mine. It is based on science, knowledge, fact, and personal opinion!

Steady State Cardio : The name for a type of exercise in which a person engages in a cardiovascular training. Β The pace is steady throughout the workout. Steady State Cardio is only considered when the exercise is done for 20 minutes or longer.

Beautiful Swiss Alps-I took this picture this past Summer!

This requires the person to stay at generally the same speed/resistance for the duration of the exercise.

Sound boring? It sort of does to me as well. BUT, I still use this form of exercise at least once every 2 weeks. I use it for something called active rest. It is exactly what it implies….I am actively resting. When I engage in active rest I am not training for a certain speed, distance, or time. I am simply letting my body rest in an active manner.

In fact, I did steady state cardio this morning as part of my exercise plan. I ellipticized for 55 minutes with a resistance of 7 for 3/4 the time, and resistance of 5 for the other 1/4 the time. I have had a very heavy exercise week so far, so this morning I decided to take a nice day of active rest….especially as I am teaching Zumba tonight!

I have knee and ankle injuries that flare up once in awhile so I often use the elliptical machine to help reduce the inflammation. I sometimes like to “wake up” using steady state cardio (20 minutes of elliptical/treadmill) before I hit my workout hard. This practice also helps to reduce injury and further complications!

What is your favorite way to actively rest?

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