National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Hope your day is going as lovely as mine has gone :)

As the post title states, it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week this week. There have been some great posts in the blog world community about this Awareness this week-check them out!


As I mentioned in my About page, I struggled with disordered eating tendencies for a few years. I was a slave to the scale, to the numbers on the treadmill, to the numbers on food package label, and to the “perfect ideal” body. I was a slave, people. I was not free. I was not happy. Although I thought I WAS happy. I was super skinny. People noticed me. People commented about how skinny I was. Doesn’t that just scream happiness to you?

I thought so. It didn’t do it for me either.

tooo skinny- On African Safari 2006

nothing there! Fall 2005

I have since (almost) completely recovered (let’s be honest-do you ever totally recover from something that left deep, deep physical and emotional scars?) I am at a very happy, healthy weight, I am super active, I eat very clean, I don’t weight myself (this is a trigger for me), I enjoy small indulgences daily, and I love myself. I said it : I love myself!

healthy! My wedding day-4/30/2010

Now is your chance to love YOURself and the women all around you. Women are a fascinating species and they are all around you-talented, smart, gifted, small, large, short, tall, different skin color. We are women. And we should be aware of the eating disorders that are happening to the women around us. Be aware, ladies. Be that shoulder to cry on, lend that ear to one in need, and use your heart to heal a soul. I hope to be that person. I went through a horrible few years, but I hope to help others either avoid or reduce the amount of suffering I endured. Live healthy, be happy :)

Be grateful for your body- a grateful heart is a happy heart!

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  1. stacey says:

    ur website is truly touching; thank you for your honesty; i’m loving reading all your posts and all about you! amen sister!



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