To snack? Or not?

I just got done eating a delicious snack… had to do with a leftover sweet potato, in case you’re wondering :) In fact, I often find that my snacks in the late afternoon are a perfect way to keep me happy, healthy, and satisfied.

What do you say, to snack or not to snack?

Don’t worry- I am going to answer too! Duh! :)

**By the way, I am all about the snacks if my meal was not substantial, if I am physically (not emotionally) hungry, and if my body is craving something (which is often, NOT always, a sign of deficiency or need).

lite soy milk + granola snackage

Snacking pros:

1. portable foods as snacks can be eaten anywhere, anytime (no prep or mess)

2. can stave off hunger pains until appointed meal time (if there is one)

3. can satisfy nutritional needs that may have been lacking from other meal intakes

4. snacks can help regulate hormonal levels and most especially Insulin levels (I will post another day on the role of Insulin and blood sugar levels–stay tuned!)

5. snacks can be fun, tasty, creative, and can break up a day

6. snacks are a way to help fuel the body when a meal is not ready, not available, or not accessible

me and the husband LOVE our snacks!

7. snacks are a great way to socialize (but don’t over do it, however)

Snacking cons:

1. sometimes inconvenient to HAVE to snack

2. way too easy to go overboard and eat too much at a snack, thus either ruining the next meal, OR, putting too much fuel (unneeded calories) into the body

3. snacking could turn into grazing (overeating too many calories for a healthy body)

4. can’t think of any more cons??…..

As I mentioned, it is important to listen to YOUR body’s fuel, needs, and wants. I find that some days I don’t need a snack between lunch and dinner if my lunch consisted of a good amount of high quality protein, complex carbs, and fats. (This combo doesn’t always get eaten b/c life is not perfect!) I also usually eat oats at breakfast, so no morning snack is needed for ME and my healthy body. You may be different however!

So, let’s hear it. To snack or NOT? And if SO, when, and if NOT, why?

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